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Linking plant genes to insect communities: Identifying the genetic bases of plant traits and community composition

Prediction of Whitefly Population and Infestation Based on Multitrophic Analysis between Competitor Pest, Plant Traits and Natural Enemy

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How do herbivorous insects respond to drought stress in trees?

Derived esterase activity in Drosophila sechellia contributes to evolved octanoic acid resistance

Glucosylation of (Z)-3-hexenol informs intraspecies interactions in plants: A case study in Camellia sinensis.

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids quantified in soil and water using UPLC-MS/MS

Using the CODIT model to explain secondary metabolites of the xylem in defence systems of temperate trees to decay fungi.

Metabolomics approach based on NMR spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis to explore the interaction between the leafminer Tuta absoluta and tomato (Solanum lycopersicum).

Bis-naphthopyrone pigments protect filamentous ascomycetes from a wide range of predators

Leaf metabolic signatures induced by real and simulated herbivory in black mustard (Brassica nigra)

Plant defence allocation patterns following an increasing water level gradient in a freshwater wetland

First record of Entoleuca mammata in hybrid aspen plantations in hemiboreal Estonia and stand–environmental factors affecting its prevalence

Antifungal activity of different essential oils against Malassezia pathogenic species.

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Defence Compounds 방어 화합물

Defence Compounds 방어 화합물
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