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Deductive Analysis sentence examples within Thematic Deductive Analysis

Older Adults’ Perceptions toward Walking: A Qualitative Study Using a Social-Ecological Model

Adolescents with different life problems seeking help before and after the introduction of a low-threshold service model: a Finnish qualitative study

Deductive Analysis sentence examples within deductive analysis approach

Rapid versus traditional qualitative analysis using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR)

Authenticity perceptions in virtual environments

Deductive Analysis sentence examples within deductive analysis method

Assessing the Electronic Evidence System Needs of Canadian Public Health Professionals: Cross-sectional Study

Dental hygiene faculty perspectives on thesis advising in graduate education.

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Deductive Analysis sentence examples within deductive analysis technique

Impact of preferred learning style on personal resilience strategies among pharmacy students during the COVID-19 pandemic

Comparing inductive and deductive analysis techniques to understand health service implementation problems: a case study of childhood vaccination barriers

Deductive Analysis sentence examples within deductive analysis identified

The multifaceted nature of the response to adversity in an Italian sample of refugee community leaders.

Illusive Dynamic Nadirs and Masks of Postoperative Hyponatraemia and the TURP Syndrome: Volumetric Overload Over Time (VO/T) Concept for Resolving its Puzzle

Deductive Analysis sentence examples within deductive analysis revealed

Memories of hunger, continuities, and food choices: An ethnography of the elderly in extremadura (Spain)

Older Adults’ Perceptions toward Walking: A Qualitative Study Using a Social-Ecological Model

Adaptations to practice and resilience in a paediatric major trauma centre during a mass casualty incident.

Facilitators and Barriers of Patient Centered Care Practice in Public Hospitals of Benishangul Gumuze Regional State, South West Ethiopia

Implementation of Unobtrusive Sensing Systems for Older Adult Care: Scoping Review.

Penerapan Strategi Pembelajaran Aktif Tipe Giving Questions and Getting Answers untuk Meningkatkan Keaktifan Belajar Siswa pada Pelajaran Sejarah Kebudayaan Islam Kelas VII MTsS Jam’iyah Mahmudiyah Tanjung Pura

Older Adults’ Experiences of Behavior Change Support in a Digital Fall Prevention Exercise Program: Qualitative Study Framed by the Self-determination Theory

Comparative assessment of the level of financial and economic security of regions in the Volga Federal District: Studying the interregional differentiation

Falling Through the Cracks - Evaluating the Role of non-Acute ‘Surgical Liaison’ Personnel during COVID-19 – A Narrative Review.

Evaluation of a prenatal screening decision aid: A mixed methods pilot study.

Theorizing Work-Based Learning: Analyzing Interview Data With Deductive Reasoning

“Wow! They’re Teaching Each Other”: Primary Teachers’ Perspectives of Implementing Cooperative Learning to Accomplish Social and Emotional Learning in Aotearoa New Zealand Physical Education

The Role Of Visionary Leadership In Reducing The Financial Failure Of Banks: An Exploratory Study In A Sample Of Iraqi Commercial Banks

The The Relationship between Service Marketing Mix and the Students Satisfaction

Patient Work and Treatment Burden in Type 2 Diabetes: A Mixed-Methods Study

Factors influencing allied health professionals’ implementation of upper limb sensory rehabilitation for stroke survivors: a qualitative study to inform knowledge translation

Exploring differences in perceptions of child feeding practices between parents and health care professionals: a qualitative study

Meetings are an Important Prerequisite for Flourishing Workplace Relationships

Acting between guidelines and reality- an interview study exploring the strategies of first line managers in patient safety work

Is Self-Determined Motivation a Useful Agent to Overcome Perceived Exercise Barriers in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?

Triggers and Obstacles to the Development of the FinTech Sector in Poland

Jual Beli Tanaman Monstera Adansonii di Indonesia Perspektif Hukum Islam

Structures, processes and outcomes of health care for people detained in short-term police custody settings: A scoping review.

Understanding adolescents’ and young adults’ self-perceptions after cancer treatment in the context of a two-arm, mixed-methods pilot randomized controlled physical activity trial

Gaps in Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility Responsibilities During Transitions of Care: a Comparison of Hospital and SNF Clinicians’ Perspectives

Power in water governance: the case of Prescott Active Management Area, Arizona

The Self-employment of Women in Azerbaijan

Exploring the nature and focus of feedback when using video playback in gynecology laparoscopy training

Technology-Based Psychological Interventions for Young Adults With Early Psychosis and Cannabis Use Disorder: Qualitative Study of Patient and Clinician Perspectives

Capitalization of Health Promotion Initiatives within French Sports Clubs

Ketahanan Ideologi Pancasila Dalam Menghadapi Distrupsi Revolusi Industri 4.0

Exploring dyadic management of nutrition care throughout and beyond head and neck cancer treatment.

O direito fundamental e coletivo à saúde no contexto da judicialização

A Networked Analysis and Engineering Framework for New Business Models

Influences on selection of assistive technology for young children in South Africa: perspectives from rehabilitation professionals

The micro-politics of organisational change in professional youth football: Towards an understanding of “actions, strategies and professional interests”

Multi-component Infrastructure for e-Lectures - A Viable Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations

The assessment of the radioactive releases from the confinement structure of AP1000 by probabilistic safety analysis

The impact of economic decline on the satisfaction and productivity of the public employees in the Jordanian public-sector

First-Time Mothers Have a Desire to Be Offered Professional Breastfeeding Support by Pediatric Nurses: An Evaluation of the Mother-Perceived-Professional Support Scale

Historical and Ideological Peculiarity of the Monetary Institutions: Islamic and Austrian School’s Perspectives

Research Policy and Knowledge-Intensive Organization

Examining the Pathway to Motor Skill Competence in a Mastery Motivational Climate: An Appreciative Inquiry

Renewing technology-driven materials research through an experimental co-design approach


Adaptabilidad de la Carrera en estudiantes universitarios:Un estudio a través de entrevistas autobiográficas

Vivencias socioemocionales en familias de jóvenes con Síndrome de Down en Padre Las Casas, Chile

Ministros de Culto y su participación en la política: Leyes que no se cumplen

Perceived facilitators and barriers for participation in leisure activities in children with disabilities: perspectives of children, parents and professionals.

Tensiones entre soberanía y Estado de Derecho: Cajamarca y la consulta popular

Patient-centred education: How do learners’ perceptions change as they experience clinical training?


Hidden Complexity in Routine Adult and Pediatric Arrhythmias Interpretation: The Future of Precision Electrocardiology.

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Status and dynamic development study of health human resources at a tertiary general hospital in Beijing

Improving the relational aspects of trauma care through translational simulation

Adolescent Resilience in the Face of Relentless Adversity: The Role of Strong, Black Women

Negotiating climate change: A frame analysis of COP21 in British, American, and Chinese news media

Impact of FDA-Required Cardiovascular Outcome Trials on Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Study Initiation From 2008 to 2017.