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Efficient Distributed Decryption Scheme for IoT Gateway-based Applications

An efficient outsourced attribute-based encryption scheme in the device-to-device mobile network

Mutual Authentication Scheme for the Device-to-Server Communication in the Internet of Medical Things

A novel image encryption method based on fractional discrete Meixner moments

An efficient batch images encryption method based on DNA encoding and PWLCM

Elliptic key cryptography with Beta Gamma functions for secure routing in wireless sensor networks

FPGA Based Chaotic Cryptosystem

An encryption protocol for NEQR images based on one-particle quantum walks on a circle

Efficient Searching Over Encrypted Database: Methodology and Algorithms

A Chaotic Cryptosystem using Conjugate Transcendental Fractal Function

A Novel Image Encryption Scheme Based on Reversible Cellular Automata and Chaos

A Novel Text Encryption and Decryption Scheme using the Genetic Algorithm and Residual Numbers

Assessment of Encryption and Decryption Schemes for Secure Data Transmission in Healthcare Systems

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Decryption Scheme 암호 해독 체계

Decryption Scheme 암호 해독 체계
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