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Probing New Physics in $$B_s \rightarrow (K,K^*)\tau \nu $$ and $$B \rightarrow \pi \tau \nu $$ Decays

Determination of the absolute branching fractions of D0→K−e+νe and D+→K¯0e+νe

Change not State: Perceptual coupling in multistable displays reflects transient bias induced by perceptual change.

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Observation of Negative THz Photoconductivity Induced by the Formation of Polaron in Low Temperature Phase of Weyl Semimetal MoTe2

Search for invisible modes of nucleon decay in water with the SNO+ detector

Hyperon production in $\Lambda_c^+\to K^-p\pi^+$ and $\Lambda_c^+\to K^0_Sp\pi^0 $

Model independent analysis of New Physics effects on $B_c \to (D_s,\,D^{\ast}_s)\,\mu^+\mu^-$ decay observables.

Effective-field theory analysis of the $\tau^{-}\rightarrow (K \pi)^{-}\nu_{\tau}$ decays.

Kinetic approach to a relativistic BEC with inelastic processes

Study of $\bar{B}_{u,d,s}^* \to D_{u,d,s}^* V\,(V=D_{d,s}^{*-}\,,K^{*-}\,,{\rho}^-)$ weak decays

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Decays Within 내에서 쇠퇴

Decays Within 내에서 쇠퇴
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