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DC-Link Current Ripple Reduction in Switched Reluctance Machine Drives

Simultaneous DC-Link and Stator Current Ripple Reduction With Interleaved Carriers in Multiphase Controlled Integrated Modular Motor Drives

Estimation Algorithm for Current and Temperature of Field Winding in Electrically Excited Synchronous Machines With High-Frequency Brushless Exciters

Simplified Current Control Strategy for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors With Rotor Flux Distortion

Online Condition Monitoring of DC-Link Capacitor for AC/DC/AC PWM Converter

Low-Frequency DC-Link Capacitor Current Mitigation in Reduced Switch Count Single-Phase to Three-Phase Converter

IGBT open-circuit fault detection for voltage source inverters using DC bus magnetic field signal

DC‐side current compensation control in the rectifier terminal for power variations in back‐to‐back converters

An Enhanced Second Carrier Harmonic Cancellation Technique for Dual-Channel Enhanced Power Generation Centre Applications in More-Electric Aircraft

Current-Source Solid-State DC Transformer Integrating LVDC Microgrid, Energy Storage, and Renewable Energy Into MVDC Grid

Novel Output Regulation Method for Three-phase Three-level Wireless EV Charging System

Dual-Vector Located Model Predictive Control With Single DC-Link Current Sensor for Permanent-Magnet Linear Motor Drives

DC-Link Current Optimal Control of Current Source Converter in DFIG

DC-Link Current Harmonic Mitigation via Phase-Shifting of Carrier Waves in Paralleled Inverter Systems

Active Power Decoupling Control for Single-Phase Current Source Rectifier Based on Emulating LC Resonator

Analytical Calculation of the RMS Value and the Spectrum of the DC-Link Current of a Dual-Inverter

A Restart Method for PMSM Driving a High-Inertia Load with a Single DC-link Shunt Resistor

Evaluation of DC-Link Capacitor RMS Current in Switched Reluctance Motor Drive

A Generic Two-Stage Carried-Based PWM Scheme With Adjustable Switching Patterns for Current Source Converter

A New SVPWM Strategy for Three-Phase Isolated Converter with Current Ripple Reduction

Improved DC-Link Voltage Regulation Strategy for Grid-Connected Converters

DC-Link High-Frequency Current Ripple Elimination Strategy for MMCs Using Phase-Shifted Double-Group Multicarrier-Based Phase-Disposition PWM

Adaptive speed estimation with fuzzy logic control for PV-grid interactive induction motor drive-based water pumping

Ripple Vector Cancellation Modulation Strategy for Single-Phase Quasi-Z-Source Inverter

A Comparative Study of Inverters for Three Phase Induction Motor Drives to Mitigate Voltage Sag

Constrained model predictive control for an induction heating load

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Dc Link Current DC 링크 전류

Dc Link Current DC 링크 전류
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