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An Optimal Control for Dual-Active-Bridge DC-DC Converter in Eliminating Transient DC Bias Current

Improvement on Transient Performance of Cooperative Triple-Phase-Shift Control for Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter

Effect of Dead Band and Transient Actions on CTPS Modulation for DAB DC–DC Converter and Solutions

Design a 400 V–12 V 6 kW Bidirectional Auxiliary Power Module for Electric or Autonomous Vehicles With Fast Precharge Dynamics and Zero DC-Bias Current

Universal Transient DC-Bias Current Suppression Strategy in Dual-Active-Bridge Converters for Energy Storage Systems

A Dual Rising Edge Shift Algorithm for Eliminating the Transient DC-Bias Current in Transformer for a Dual Active Bridge Converter

Double and triple resonance behaviour in large systems of LC-shunted intrinsic Josephson junctions

Transient Current Optimal Control of the Hybrid Three Level Dual Active Bridge Converters Based on Triple-Phase-Shifting Control

Calculation of transformer DC-bias Current in AC Power Systems Considering Metro Stray Current

Improved compensation strategy based on AC load regulation of impact load

The DC Bias Risk Assessment of Transformer Based on Nonlinear Magnetic Circuit Equations

A SiC MOSFET Inverters Based High Bandwidth Current Control Strategy for DC-biased Vernier Reluctance Machines

Unipolar sinusoidal excited switched reluctance motor control based on voltage space vector

Research on the Magnetic Properties of Iron Core for Saturated Iron-Core Superconducting Fault Current Limiter

Design of Dual-Electrical-Port DC-Coil-Free Hybrid-Excited Machines

Transmission Factor Measurement Based Impedance Characterisation Utilising a Double Current Probe Assembly

Voltage-Mode First-Order Allpass Filter with Grounded Capacitor and Electronic Controllability

Fully Electronically Tunable Inverse Fractional-Order Filter Designs

Analysis and FPGA implementation of an autonomous Josephson junction snap oscillator

An Analog-based, Duty Cycle Modulation Method to Remove the DC Bias in the Transformer for a Dual Active Bridge Converter

Linearly Tunable CMOS Voltage Differencing Transconductance Amplifier (VDTA)

ERSFQ 8-bit Parallel Binary Shifter for Energy-Efficient Superconducting CPU

NLTL Frequency Chirp Through Dynamic Bias of Inductor Cores

Research on Influence of Converter Transformer Grouping and Receiving End Power Grid Structure on Converter Transformer DC bias

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Dc Bias Current DC 바이어스 전류

Dc Bias Current DC 바이어스 전류
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