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Using the REA Data Model in Order to Reduce Design Complexity in an Inventory Management Relational Database, and the Need for a Relational Database Complexity Metric.

Comparing the Performance of Deep Learning Methods to Predict Companies’ Financial Failure

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Does historical data still count? Exploring the applicability of smart building applications in the post-pandemic period

Development of a QC/QA Process for Caltrans Automated Pavement Condition Survey Data

An Adaptive Mountain Clustering based Anomaly Detection for Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks

Predicting tensile-shear strength of nugget using M5P model tree and random forest: An analysis

Evaluating the Data Inconsistency of Open-Source Vulnerability Repositories

Consistent Meta-Regularization for Better Meta-Knowledge in Few-Shot Learning.

Reducing dairy data inconsistency through Regional Modeling Approach (RMA): a case from North-Western part of Bangladesh

Study of life cycle assessment in biodiesel production from crude palm oil and its benefits for the sustainability of oil palm industry in Aceh province Indonesia

An assessment of spatial methods for merging terrestrial with GGM-derived gravity anomaly data

A survey of techniques for intermittent computing

Gisola: Real-Time Moment Tensor computation optimized for multicore and manycore architectures

Design of Distributed Cache System in SDN Controller Cluster Based on Topology Partition

Challenges in using Machine Learning to Support Software Engineering

STG-Meta: Spatial-Temporal Graph Meta-Learning for Traffic Forecasting

ERP System for College Automation Using Quick Response Code

Instrumental indicators of desirable texture attributes of French fries

DICER 2.0: A New Model Checker for Data-Flow Errors of Concurrent Software Systems

Research on the construction of a comprehensive information platform for publishing enterprises with efficient resource reuse

Image-Domain Material Decomposition for Spectral CT Using a Generalized Dictionary Learning

Multiauthority Traceable Ring Signature Scheme for Smart Grid Based on Blockchain

Detecting Data Inconsistency Based on Workflow Nets With Tables

Co-Association Matrix-Based Multi-Layer Fusion for Community Detection in Attributed Networks

Design and Implementation of a Universal Data Quality Management Software Based on Data Flow

The Design of High Availability Dynamic Web Server Cluster

Impact of statutory regulation and key internal factors on firm’s corporate social responsibility: An emerging economy perspective

Ethnopharmacology of the club moss subfamily Huperzioideae (Lycopodiaceae, Lycopodiophyta): A phylogenetic and chemosystematic perspective.

Big Data and Cloud Computing: An Emerging Perspective and Future Trends

Assessing Spatial and Temporal Precipitation Dynamics in Upper East Region of Ghana Using Chirps Data from 1981 to 2016

Single Image Intrinsic Decomposition with Discriminative Feature Encoding

Queries on Synthetic Images for Large Multivariate Engineering Data Base Searches

An exposition on the applications of Locality Aware Scheduling algorithms

Abstract 1640: Deep learning classification of neuro-oncology medical documents

Novel trajectory data publishing method under differential privacy

Blockchain Based Data Transmission Control for Tactical Data Link

A Dynamic Attribute based Logical Approach for Identifying and Controlling the Inconsistency of Organization Access Control Data

A weighted rebinned backprojection‐filtration algorithm from partially beam‐blocked data for a single‐scan cone‐beam CT with hybrid type scatter correction

Measurement of dental crown wear -In vitro study.

A Petri-net-based Method For Detecting Bugs in Multiple Threads

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Data Inconsistency 데이터 불일치

Data Inconsistency 데이터 불일치
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