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Dark Knowledge and Platform Governance: A Case of an Illicit E-Commerce Community in Reddit

Research on Object Detection Network Based on Knowledge Distillation

Teaching Yourself: A Self-Knowledge Distillation Approach to Action Recognition

Essentials for Class Incremental Learning

Adversarial co-distillation learning for image recognition

Knowledge from the original network: restore a better pruned network with knowledge distillation

Layer Regeneration Network With Parameter Transfer and Knowledge Distillation for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Bearing Using Class Unbalanced Sample

Cross-domain Knowledge Distillation for Retrieval-based Question Answering Systems

Exploiting organisational vulnerabilities as dark knowledge: conceptual development from organisational fraud cases

Distilling Ordinal Relation and Dark Knowledge for Facial Age Estimation

Annealing Knowledge Distillation

Federation learning optimization using distillation

Dark Reciprocal-Rank: Teacher-to-student Knowledge Transfer from Self-localization Model to Graph-convolutional Neural Network

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Active Map-Matching: Teacher-to-Student Knowledge Transfer from Visual-Place-Recognition Model to Next-Best-View Planner for Active Cross-domain Self-localization

Scale fusion light CNN for hyperspectral face recognition with knowledge distillation and attention mechanism

Anti-Distillation Backdoor Attacks: Backdoors Can Really Survive in Knowledge Distillation

Obtain Dark Knowledge via Extended Knowledge Distillation

Distilling Knowledge From a Deep Pose Regressor Network

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Dark Knowledge 어둠의 지식

Dark Knowledge 어둠의 지식
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