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Correction of tear trough deformity by hyaluronic acid soft tissue filler placement inferior to the lateral orbital thickening

The infraorbital artery: Clinical relevance in esthetic medicine and identification of danger zones of the midface.

System architecture to bring smart personal protective equipment wearables and sensors to transform safety at work in the underground mining industry

Vision loss associated with orbital surgery – a major review

Big Data Algorithms And Prediction: Bingos And Risky Zones In Sharia Stock Market Index

Optimal Path Planning in Environments with Static Obstacles by Harmony Search Algorithm

Environmental Assessment of Styrene as a Dangerous Substance Entering the Container Terminal Using the ALOHA and PHAST Softwares (Case Study: Bandar Imam Khomeini)

Specific stretchers enhance rapid extraction by tactical medical support teams in mass casualty incidents.

Prevention of Defeating Interlocking Devices Associated with Guards

Micro‐CT analysis of danger zone thickness in the mesiobuccal roots of maxillary first molars

Ocular Massage for Filler-Induced Blindness

Moving to dangerous places

Effect of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound on Eyebrow Lifting in Asians

The surgical anatomy of the dorsal scapular nerve: a triple-tendon transfer perspective.

Spherical Mobile Robot for Monitoring and Tracking Children Indoors

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Simulated and Real-World Evolution of Predator Robots

Subsurface 3D analysis, modeling, and presentation of pollutant nitrate in semi-arid region

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Anatomic–Radiologic Study on Gluteal Danger Zones

Study of Drain Barrier Effect on Hydrocarbons Hazards

Clinical Considerations to Reduce Saphenous Neurovascular Bundle Injury During Suture Button Fixation of Syndesmosis Injuries.

Leveraging Technology to Manage Chagas Disease by Tracking Domestic and Sylvatic Animal Hosts as Sentinels: A Systematic Review

Inference of driver behavior using correlated IoT data from the vehicle telemetry and the driver mobile phone

Predicting Safety Hazards Among Construction Workers and Equipment Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning Techniques

Translating and Interpreting in Danger Zones

Worlding aspirations and resilient futures: Framings of risk and contemporary city‐making in Metro Cebu, the Philippines

Communication Is Aid — But Only if Delivered in the Right Language: An Interview with Translators without Borders on Its Work in Danger Zones

Defining the competencies for laparoscopic transabdominal adrenalectomy: An investigation of intraoperative behaviors and decisions of experts.

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Danger Zones 위험 지역

Danger Zones 위험 지역
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