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Waste Management: Descriptive Study in Nglurah Village, Karanganyar Regency

ALERA: Accelerated Reinforcement Learning Driven Adaptation to Electro-Mechanical Degradation in Nonlinear Control Systems Using Encoded State Space Error Signatures

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Collective Narcissism and In-Group Satisfaction Are Associated With Different Emotional Profiles and Psychological Wellbeing.

Collective Narcissism and In-Group Satisfaction Are Associated With Different Emotional Profiles and Psychological Wellbeing

Investigating the Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Cigarette Smoking in University Students in Isfahan, Iran

Clarifying the Role of Multiple Self-Damaging Behaviors in the Association Between Emotion Dysregulation and Suicide Risk Among College Students

Prevalence and risk factors for feather-damaging behavior in psittacine birds: Analysis of a Japanese nationwide survey

Clinical Psychopharmacology for the Exotic Animal Practitioner.

The Influence of Age, Gender, Health-Related Behaviors, and Other Factors on Occupationally Relevant Health Complaints of Singers.

Study of the Concrete Lining Cracking Affected by Adjacent Tunnel and Oblique Bedded Rock Mass

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Seven Measures to Reduce Tail Biting Lesions in Fattening Pigs

Ten Rules of Foot Care—The Development of a Short Questionnaire for Patients with Diabetes

Socio-Economic and Demographic Correlates of Non-communicable Disease Risk Factors Among Adults in Saudi Arabia

How to create a banking & monetary system for the 21st century: the Huerta de Soto and Chicago plans reworked

Partnered Intimate Activities in Early Adolescence—Findings From the UK Millennium Cohort Study

Chicken lines divergently selected on feather pecking differ in immune characteristics

Differences in gut microbiota composition of laying hen lines divergently selected on feather pecking

Identifying unstable and empty phenotypes of borderline personality through factor mixture modeling in a large nonclinical sample.

Self-regulation and social behavior during sleep deprivation.

Construction of molecularly imprinted nanoplatforms with persistent luminescence for the in vitro specific adsorption and in vivo targeted regulation of food-borne biotoxins

3529 The main effects of threat appraisal on the well-being of African Americans living with HIV/AIDS in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, and the role of religious social support as a buffer

Borderline personality disorder and emotion dysregulation.

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Damaging behavior investigation of an operational tunnel structure induced by cavities around surrounding rocks

A Literature Review on Dynamic Modeling and Epidemic Dynamics

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[New Technologies in the Diagnostics and Treatment of Brain Deseases: from Neurosciences to the Multidisciplinary Clinical Practice and Maintaining of Mental Health].

On the Stability Analysis of a Geometrically Complex Leaning Historic Structure

Numerical Analysis of the Bond Behavior of FRP Applied to Masonry Curved Substrates with Anchor Spikes

Association between adolescent rough-and-tumble play and conduct problems, substance use, and risk-taking behaviors: Findings from a school-based sample.

Public liability in the university sector

Xylophagia: a meta-synthesis of the literature

Self-damaging behavior of children and adolescents with psychic disorders

Loneliness in Pre and Post-operative Cancer Patients: A Mini Review

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A Study on the Multi-axial Fatigue Failure Behavior of Notched Composite Laminates

Comparing preferences of physicians and patients regarding the allocation of donor organs: A systematic review.

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Damaging Behavior 손상 행동

Damaging Behavior 손상 행동
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