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Association between Maternal Serum 25(OH)-Vitamin D3 Levels in Late Pregnancy and Profiles of Newborn Amino Acid Concentrations.

Effect of animal feed grade sodium bisulfate supplementation on performance, intestinal morphology and vitamin D status of broilers subjected to a coccidiosis vaccine challenge

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Effects of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 and Oral Calcium Bolus on Lactation Performance, Ca Homeostasis, and Health of Multiparous Dairy Cows

Determination of Level of 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3 in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Its Effect on Disease Activity

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Vitamin D levels do not cause vitamin-drug interactions with dexamethasone or dasatinib in mice

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1,25(OH)2D3 deficiency-induced gut microbial dysbiosis degrades the colonic mucus barrier in Cyp27b1 knockout mouse model

Daily Nutritional Supplementation with Vitamin D3 and Phenylbutyrate to Treatment-Naïve HIV Patients Tested in a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

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De novo regulation of RD3 synthesis in residual neuroblastoma cells after intensive multi-modal clinical therapy harmonizes disease evolution

Repetition of Prediabetes Enhances the Risk of Developing Diabetes

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A study to evaluate the relationship between serum vitamin d level and chronic rhinosinusitis

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D3 Status D3 상태

D3 Status D3 상태
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