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Theoretical research of the technology of finishing cylinders with antifriction materials

Heat Treatment Effect on the Structural and Elastic Characteristics of a Single-Component Abrasive Tool

Reciprocal dry sliding wear of SiCp/Al–7Si-0.3 Mg functionally graded composites: Influence of T6 treatment and process parameters

Bench experimental research of cylinder oil on large marine diesel engines

Clean Karanja methyl ester compatibility study on long term tribological behavior of a compression ignition engine

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Thermal Plasma Spray to Protect Large-Size Parts of Friction Joints against Wear


Effect of Silicon Content on wear and Hardness of Al-Si Alloys

Technical and economic aspects of starting a selected power unit at low ambient temperatures

The Effect of Surface Topography Feature Size Density and Distribution on the Results of a Data Processing and Parameters Calculation with a Comparison of Regular Methods

The Effect of Voyage Path on Condition Based Monitoring of Cylinder Liners

Tribological behavior of co-textured cylinder liner-piston ring during running-in

Reducing engine oil and fuel consumptions by multidimensional laser surface texturing on cylinder surface

Effects of alloy compositions on mechanical properties of as-cast banite iron materials for cylinder liners

Optimizing the Formation of Hydraulic Cylinder Surfaces, Taking into Account Their Microrelief Topography Analyzed during Different Operations

Analysis of surface texture of plateau-honed cylinder liner – A review

Comparative evaluation of dynamics and fuel efficiency indicators of the car with robotic stepped transmission under condition of different diameters of engine cylinders

Editorial: surface texturing by design

Tribological performance of high-strength cast iron in lubricated contact containing carbon black

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About Determing the Microhardness of Composite Coatings

Lamet formulas applicability in the conditions of specialized repair enterprises of the agriculture-industrial complex

Technical and economic aspects of starting a selected power unit at low ambient temperatures

Investigation of mechanical properties and tribological performance of Al-LSP and Al-Al2O3 composite

Improvement of the method of micrometry of cylinder liners

Evaluation of mechanical properties of cold roll bonded mild steel and aluminum

Effects of thread groove width in cylinder liner surface on performances of diesel engine

Characterization of the friction and wear effects of graphene nanoparticles in oil on the ring/cylinder liner of internal combustion engine

Performance and emission characteristics analysis of thermal barrier coated diesel engine using palm biodiesel

Thermo Mechanical Analysis of Composite Cylinder Liners using Finite Element Analysis

An Investigation into the Acoustic Emissions of Internal Combustion Engines with Modelling and Wavelet Package Analysis for Monitoring Lubrication Conditions

Atomic force microscopic measurement of a used cylinder liner for prediction of boundary friction

Comparative performance and emission characteristics of peanut seed oil methyl ester (PSME) on a thermal isolated diesel engine

Flame Spraying of Aluminum Coatings Reinforced with Particles of Carbonaceous Materials as an Alternative for Laser Cladding Technologies

A Study of Tribo-layer in dry Sliding of Al Si alloy

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Cylinder Liners 실린더 라이너

Cylinder Liners 실린더 라이너
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