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Artificial neural network for predictive synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes by aerosol CVD method

A spark discharge generator for scalable aerosol CVD synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes with tailored characteristics

Fe-assisted catalytic chemical vapor deposition of graphene-like carbon nanosheets over SrO

Selective MOCVD synthesis of VO2 crystals on nanosharp Si structures

CVD growth of high-quality graphene over Ge (100) by annihilation of thermal pits

Chemical vapour deposition

Single-Crystal MoS2 Monolayer Wafer Grown on Au (111) Film Substrates.

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Thermodynamic calculations for the chemical vapor deposition of hexagonal boron nitride using triethylboron, ammonia, and hydrogen

Gold nanoparticle assisted synthesis of MoS2 monolayers by chemical vapor deposition

Physicochemical properties of Tin (IV) oxide synthesized by different methods and from different precursors

Kinetics of Graphene and 2D Materials Growth.

Single Variable Defined Technology Control of the Optical Properties in MoS2 Films with Controlled Number of 2D-layers.

Manual spray coating: A cheap and effective method to build catalyst layers for carbon nanotube forest growth

Fractal-Theory-Based Control of the Shape and Quality of CVD-Grown 2D Materials.

Driving with temperature the synthesis of graphene films and nanoribbons on Ge(110)

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Chemical vapour deposition of graphene: layer control, the transfer process, characterisation, and related applications

Defect Healing in Layered Materials: A Machine Learning-Assisted Characterization of MoS2 Crystal Phases.

Scalable synthesis and defect modulation of large monolayer WS2 via annealing in H2S atmosphere/thiol treatment to enhance photoluminescence

Nanocarbons Division: The Past, The Present, The Future

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Effect of different precursors on CVD growth of molybdenum disulfide

Preparation of Few-Layer Graphene/Carbon Nanotube Hybrids Using Oxide Spinel Catalysts

Interlink between Tunable Material Properties and Thermoresponsiveness of Cross-Linked Poly(N-vinylcaprolactam) Thin Films Deposited by Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition

Wrinkling of an Enteric Coating Induced by Vapor-Deposited Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogel Thin Films

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Cvd Synthesis Cvd 합성

Cvd Synthesis Cvd 합성
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