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Atomistic Insights Into the Degradation of Inorganic Halide Perovskite CsPbI3: A Reactive Force Field Molecular Dynamics Study

Linear array of cesium atoms assisted by uracil molecules on Au(111).

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Superseding van der Waals with Electrostatic Interactions: Intercalation of Cs into the Interlayer Space of SiAs2.

Enhancement of perovskite solar cells characteristics by incorporating mixed sodium/cesium cations

An Intriguing Structural and Functional Analogy Between Large Cations and Anion-Centered (X2−Mn+) Clusters Exemplifiedby Double Chalcogenides K, Rb, Cs, TI(I) and Ag(I), Cu(I)

Incorporating mixed cations in quasi-2D perovskites for high-performance and flexible photodetectors

Ethylammonium as an alternative cation for efficient perovskite solar cells from first-principles calculations

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Alkali Metal Cation Adduct Effect on Polybutylene Adipate Oligomers: Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry.

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Cs Cations Cs 양이온

Cs Cations Cs 양이온
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