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Three in Many: Efimov physics in the presence of a Fermi sea

Real-time clock prediction of multi-GNSS satellites and its application in precise point positioning

A Faraday laser operating on Cs 852 nm transition

Highly Collimated Collinear Rb/Cs Dual-atom Beam Source

Analytical evaluation of cesium emission lines using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Effect of High-Temperature Annealing on Epitaxially Grown Ru Silicide Thin Films

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Faraday rotation in cesium nano-layers in strong magnetic fields

Observation and analysis of the spatial frequency response of an atomic magnetometer

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Development of vacuum, optical and electronic sub-systems for the 2nd generation Cesium fountain frequency standard at NPLI

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Cs Atomic CS 아토믹

Cs Atomic CS 아토믹
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