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Pyridine-Based Three-Ring Bent-Shape Supramolecular Hydrogen Bond-Induced Liquid Crystalline Complexes: Preparation and Density Functional Theory Investigation

Synthesis, characterization of V 2 O 5 nanoparticle and dispersion of them into nematic liquid crystal

In Situ Characterizable High-Spin Nitrosyl–Iron Complexes with Controllable Reactivity in Multiphase Reaction Media

Light enhanced proton conductivity in a terbium phosphonate photochromic chain complex

New insight into the interactions among starch, lipid and protein in model systems with different starches

Coordination and extraction properties of 1,2-bis(diphenylphosphoryl)-benzene toward f-block element nitrates: Structural, spectroscopic and DFT characterization of the complexes

Permian lamprophyres from the Western Carpathians: a review

Radical-Doped Crystalline Lanthanide-Based Photochromic Complexes: Self-Assembly Driven by Multiple Interactions and Photoswitchable Luminescence.

Structure and optical properties of 3-bromo-4-methylthio-2,6-lutidine N-oxide and its eight-coordinate europium(III) and terbium(III) aqua complexes

The polyphase rifting and inversion of the Danube Basin revised

Molecular Dynamics Simulations Based on 1-Phenyl-4-Benzoyl-1-Hydro-Triazole ERRα Inverse Agonists

Physicochemical properties of heat-moisture treated, stearic acid complexed starch: The effect of complexation time and temperature.

Categories of Catchment Areas-Sources of Fine-Grained Aluminosiliciclastics for Vendian Sedimentary Successions in the Northern and Eastern Parts of the East European Platform

Preparation and characterization of inclusion complexes between debranched maize starches and conjugated linoleic acid

Quantitative atomic force microscopy provides new insight into matrix vesicle mineralization.

Stanozolol–aromatic carboxylic acid crystalline complexes: flexible tautomeric/ionization states and supramolecular synthons

X-ray crystallographic analysis of time-dependent binding of guanidine hydrochloride to HEWL: First steps during protein unfolding.

Modulation of toll-like receptor signaling by antimicrobial peptides.

Two tridentate pyridinyl-hydrazone zinc(II) complexes as fluorophores for blue emitting layers

Synthesis and emissive properties of bi-directed azomethine iron(III) complexes based on salicylidene-4-biphenylcarboxylic acid

X-ray crystallographic analysis of time-dependent binding of guanidine hydrochloride to HEWL: First steps during protein unfolding.

Piroxicam–clonixin drug–drug cocrystal solvates with enhanced hydration stability

Biological activity of two novel zinc(II) complexes with NSAID mefenamic acid

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Crystalline Complexes 결정질 복합체

Crystalline Complexes 결정질 복합체
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