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Early Warning Pedestrian Crossing Intention From Its Head Gesture using Head Pose Estimation

Holistic LSTM for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction

Crossing or Not? Context-Based Recognition of Pedestrian Crossing Intention in the Urban Environment

Pedestrian Path Prediction for Autonomous Driving at Un-Signalized Crosswalk Using W/CDM and MSFM

Study on the Framework of Intersection Pedestrian Collision Warning System Considering Pedestrian Characteristics

Studying pedestrians’ crossing behavior when interacting with automated vehicles using virtual reality

External Human-Machine Interfaces on Automated Vehicles: Effects on Pedestrian Crossing Decisions

Vision-based recognition of pedestrian crossing intention in an urban environment

Probabilistic Prediction of Pedestrian Crossing Intention Using Roadside LiDAR Data

Calibration of Controlled Markov Chains for Predicting Pedestrian Crossing Behavior Using Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms

Pedestrian Decision-Making Responses to External Human-Machine Interface Designs for Autonomous Vehicles

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Crossing Intention 교차 의도

Crossing Intention 교차 의도
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