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Energy absorption and deformation pattern analysis of carbon fibre reinforced composite crash box under frontal load model

An alternative pressure-dependent velocity boundary condition for modeling self-reacting friction stir welding

Experimental Evaluation of Slenderness Ratio of Composite Column Reinforced by Multi-skin Steel Tubes

Modeling of temperature distribution and clad geometry of the molten pool during laser cladding of TiAlSi alloys

Analysis of shrinkage influence on bond in CFST elements filled with SCC

Springback Prediction for Pure Moment Bending of Aluminum Alloy Square Tube

Emergence and stabilization of transient twisted defect structures in confined achiral liquid crystals at a phase transition.


PEM fuel cell cathode-side flow field design optimization based on multi-criteria analysis of liquid-slug dynamics

Sapphire waveguides and fibers for terahertz applications

Simulation and experiment for dynamics of laser welding keyhole and molten pool at different penetration status

Influence of cross-section geometry on air demand ratio in high-head conduits with a radial gate

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Dielectric Constant Extraction for Microstrip Transmission Lines Based on S-parameter Measurements and Cross-section

Multi-objective shape optimization of tall buildings considering profitability and multidirectional wind-induced accelerations using CFD, surrogates, and the reduced basis approach

Shear capacity behavior of Reinforced Concrete (RC) beams strengthened with CFRP strips

Numerical investigation of influence of cross-sectional dimensions of flow channels on PEM fuel cell performance

Wetting equilibrium in a rectangular channel.

The effect of cross-section geometry on crushing behaviour of 3D printed continuous carbon fibre reinforced polyamide profiles

Calibrating 1D hydrodynamic river models in the absence of cross-sectional geometry: A new parameterization scheme

An analytical model for rapid predicting molten pool geometry of selective laser melting (SLM)

Fracture mechanics analysis of delamination along width-varying interfaces

Evaluación de la eficiencia de soluciones de refuerzo en estructuras de hormigón mediante análisis no lineal evolutivo

Dynamic mechanical analysis with torsional rectangular geometry: A critical assessment of constrained warping models

Development of a conceptual demonstrator of a SMA-based Rotorcraft blade twist system

Explicit formula to estimate natural frequencies of a double-beam system with crack

Gas laser energy characteristics with different active element cross section geometry

The residual zonal flow in tokamak plasmas with a poloidal electric field

Upgrade the Evaluation of the Contribution of the Active Element Cross Section Geometry to the He-Ne Laser Energy Characteristics

Application of large scale PIV in river surface turbulence measurements and water depth estimation

Comportamiento elastoplástico de conexiones soldadas en tubos de acero de sección cuadrada sometidos a carga monotónica

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