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Crime Concentration and Temporal Stability in Spatial Patterns of Crime in Niš, Serbia

Crime Concentration and Temporal Stability in Spatial Patterns of Crime in Nis, Serbia

How Concentrated are Police on Crime? A Spatiotemporal Analysis of the Concentration of Police Presence and Crime

How and Why is Crime More Concentrated in Some Neighborhoods than Others?: A New Dimension to Community Crime

Measuring Marginal Crime Concentration: A New Solution to an Old Problem

Anchored k-medoids: a novel adaptation of k-medoids further refined to measure long-term instability in the exposure to crime

Spatial Analysis of Crime in Socially Distressed Cluster in Oke Ogun Region, Oyo State, Nigeria

Identifying seasonal spatial patterns of crime in a small northern city

Pathways of crime: Measuring crime concentration along urban roadways

Sibling Transmission of Gang Involvement

The Concentration of Crime at Place in Montreal and Toronto

Situational Crime Prevention: Theory, Practice and Evidence

Re-Examining the Law of Crime Concentration: Between-and Within-City Evidence

Spatial Concentration of Opioid Overdose Deaths in Indianapolis: An Application of the Law of Crime Concentration at Place to a Public Health Epidemic

Crime concentration at micro-places in Latin America

Spatial and temporal patterns of violent crime in a Brazilian state capital: a quantitative analysis focusing on micro places and small units of time

The spatial concentration and stability of crime in a South African township

Concentrated and Close to Home: The Spatial Clustering and Distance Decay of Lone Terrorist Vehicular Attacks

Crime concentrations and micro places: An empirical test of the “law of crime concentration at places” in Belgium

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Crime Concentration 범죄 집중

Crime Concentration 범죄 집중
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