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Microstructural observations of high temperature creep processes in hardmetals

Trophic Diversity of a Fish Community Associated with a Caulerpa prolifera (Forsskål) Meadow in a Shallow Semi-Enclosed Embayment

Capturing hotspots of fresh submarine groundwater discharge using a coupled surface–subsurface model

GIS-based MCDM Approach for Wind Farm Site Selection - A Case Study

Characterisation of fault plane and coseismic slip for the May 2, 2020, Mw 6.6 Cretan Passage earthquake from tide-gauge tsunami data and moment tensor solutions

All-Optical Synapse With Directional Coupler Structure Based on Phase Change Material

Mineralogical and Geochemical Properties of Greek Evaporites, Associated with Their Prospects of Industrial Use

Electronic growth of Pd(111) nanostructures on MoS2

The Effect of Land Management Practices on Soil Quality Indicators in Crete

Identification of potential rockfall sources using UAV-derived point cloud

Spatial stratified heterogeneity of fertility and its association with socio-economic determinants using Geographical Detector: The case study of Crete Island, Greece

Υβριδικά συστήματα παραγωγής ηλεκτρικής ενέργειας μικρής κλίμακας: η περίπτωση του οικίσκου ελέγχου σταθμού ηλεκτροδίων γείωσης διπολικής διασύνδεσης υψηλής τάσης συνεχούς ρεύματος Αττικής-Κρήτης στη νησίδα Σταχτορρόη Αττικής

137Cs ocean distribution and fate at East Mediterranean Sea in case of a nuclear accident in Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

Source Process-Related Delays in Earthquake Early Warning for Example Cases in Greece

Optimization of the fault plane and coseismic slip from tide-gauge data for the 2nd May 2020 Ierapetra, Crete, Earthquake (Mw 6.6) and the associated tsunami

Strong Ground Motion Sensor Network for Civil Protection Rapid Decision Support Systems

Combining Geostatistics and Remote Sensing Data to Improve Spatiotemporal Analysis of Precipitation

Stability of Cu-islands formed on Si substrate via ‘dewetting’ under subsequent thermal cycling

SpaCeborne SAR Interferometry as a Noninvasive tool to assess the vulnerability over Cultural hEritage sites (SCIENCE)

Climate and carbon cycle changes drive the hydrographic configuration of the eastern Mediterranean through the Tortonian-Messinian Transition

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Hypolithic refuges: Influence of habitat availability, microclimate, and predation on hypolithic invertebrates in the eastern karoo, South Africa

Seawater temperature, productivity and marine fish metabolism in the Messinian eastern Mediterranean

Waste and biomass management and valorization

Riverine Complexity: Islandness, socio-spatial perceptions and modification—a case study of the lower Richmond River (Eastern Australia)

Relationship between obesity index and cardiovascular risk in primary care patients on Crete, Greece: a data driven sub-analysis.

The LEVECO project bio-optics experiment in the northwestern Levantine Sea: preliminary results

Tsunami Potential of Moderate Earthquakes: The July 1, 2009 Earthquake (Mw 6.45) and its Associated Local Tsunami in the Hellenic Arc

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Evaluating the Effect of Marine Diagenesis on Late Miocene Pre-Evaporitic Sedimentary Successions of Eastern Mediterranean Sea

An Accurate Method to Correct Atmospheric Phase Delay for InSAR with the ERA5 Global Atmospheric Model

Decoding sea surface and paleoclimate conditions in the eastern Mediterranean over the Tortonian-Messinian Transition

Spheroidization heat treatment and intercritical annealing of low carbon steel

Turkey and adjacent area seismicity forecasts from earthquake inter-event time mean ratio statistics

Gemstones of Greece: Geology and Crystallizing Environments

Kinetics of photocatalytic, self-cleaning surfaces: A decision tree approach for determination of reaction order

A nanopore based chromosome-level assembly representing Atlantic cod from the Celtic Sea

Tracking and Predicting Human Somatic Cell Reprogramming Using Nuclear Characteristics.

Psicastenia e privatopia in tre storie del disastro urbano di James G. Ballard

Liminal Space in J. G. Ballard’s Concrete Island

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