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Ultra-high-temperature creep behavior of a single-crystal nickel-based superalloy containing 6% Re/5% Ru

Evolution of microstructure in reheated coarse-grained zone of G115 novel martensitic heat-resistant steel

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Ultra-high-temperature creep behavior of a single-crystal nickel-based superalloy containing 6% Re/5% Ru

Creep and damage of a Re/Ru-containing single crystal nickel-based alloy at high temperature

The formation of intragranular stress concentration in plastic deformed Ni-base superalloy: Governing factors and process

The investigation of singular integro-differential equations relating to adhesive contact problems of the theory of viscoelasticity

A machine-learning approach to predict creep properties of Cr–Mo steel with time-temperature parameters

Creep Properties of Expansive Soils under Triaxial Drained Conditions and its Nonlinear Constitutive Model

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Finite element simulation for bending behavior of steel-ECC composite slab considering shrinkage, creep and cracking

Creep Damage Evolution Process of Asphalt Binder Based On Viscoelastic Characteristics

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Facile approach for largely refining phase domains of PMMA/PS blends and improving their properties during extrusion

Effects of Environmental Aging on The Durability of Wood-Flour Filled Recycled PET/PA6 Wood Plastic Composites

Effect of Hydrothermal Aging on Mechanical Properties and Long-Term Durability of Recycled Polysulfone

Creep characteristics of directionally solidified turbine blades based on the difference in original casting characteristics

Review on the Creep Resistance of High-Temperature Titanium Alloy

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Low-Cycle Fatigue-Creep Interaction Behavior of GH4169 Supperalloy

Study on the viscoelastic–viscoplastic model of layered siltstone using creep test and RBF neural network

Evaluation of microstructural degradation and its corresponding creep property in integral cast turbine rotor made of K424 alloy

The Role of Second Phases on the Creep Behavior of As-Cast and Hot-Extruded Mg-Ca-Zr Alloys

Creep deformation in elastomeric membranes of liquid-filled tunable-focus lenses.

A non-linear creep constitutive model for salt rock based on fractional derivatives

Effects of Zr and Si addition on high-temperature mechanical properties and microstructure in Ti-10Al-2Nb-based alloys

Unloading Creep Characteristics of Frozen Clay Subjected to Long-Term High-Pressure K0 Consolidation before Freezing

Enhanced creep resistance of Y-bearing 9Cr ferritic/martensitic steel via vacuum casting technique

Effect of cooling rate during quenching on the microstructure and creep property of nickel-based superalloy FGH96

Enhancement of metal creep lifetime by graphene coating

Studies on microstructure and mechanical properties of modified 9Cr–1Mo (P91) steel in submerged arc welding with TiO2-enriched fluxes

Effect of Stress–Strength Ratio on Creep Property of Sodium Silicate–Based Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete

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Methodology of obtaining intrinsic creep property of concrete by flexural deflection test

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Effects of Solid Solution Temperature on Microstructure and Properties of Extruded and Forged FGH95 Superalloys

[Experiments study on mechanical behavior of porcine lumbar intervertebral disc after nucleotomy under compression].

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Creep Property 크립 속성

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