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Creative Destruction sentence examples within Schumpeterian Creative Destruction

Diffusing Entrepreneurial Innovation and Tourism: An Empirical Evidence of Permaculture

Known Unknowns in an Era of Technological and Viral Disruptions—Implications for Theory, Policy, and Practice

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Cultural and creative sectors at a crossroad: from a mainstream process towards an active engagement

Creative Destruction sentence examples within creative destruction proces

Cultural and creative sectors at a crossroad: from a mainstream process towards an active engagement

Urban systems of accumulation: half a century of Chilean neoliberal urban policies

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Creative Destruction sentence examples within creative destruction process

Creative Destruction and Regional Productivity: Evidence from the Polish Regions in 2004–2015

Mercado inmobiliario y metamorfosis urbana en ciudades intermedias. Gringolandia en Cuenca: la tierra prometida

Creative Destruction sentence examples within creative destruction model

Creative destruction: the commodification of industrial heritage in Nanfeng Kiln District, China

The Importance of Cultural Factors in R&D Intensity

Schumpeter’s creative destruction and the credit crunch of 2007–2008: an Islamic banking perspective

Merging Systems Thinking with Entrepreneurship: Shifting Students’ Mindsets towards Crafting a More Sustainable Future

Creative Destruction and Urban Space

Creative destruction by review papers

Delayed Creative Destruction: How Uncertainty Shapes Corporate Assets

Lobbying Behind the Frontier

Book Review: Networks, SMEs, and the university: The process of collaboration and open innovation

Economist (2108): Competition Theory—The Forgotten Theory of Incomplete Competition

Upgrade the Socio-Economic System

Empire of Ruins

Early adoption in an agile online teaching environment: an intrapreneurial perspective

Przedsiębiorcy i przedsiębiorczość a recesja transformacyjna w Polsce po 1989 roku

Prosilience trajectories of phoenix regions: a narrative on intelligent transformation of old mining areas

Trade and Innovation

Delayed Creative Destruction: How Uncertainty Shapes Corporate Assets

Fair and Inclusive Markets: Why Dynamism Matters

Book Review: Kees Boterbloem: Russia as Empire: Past and Present and Robin Milner-Gulland: Patterns of Russia: History, Culture, Spaces

Dziga Vertov’s Cinema as a Language of Temporal Reflection

Interrogating the Inverse: Studying the Standardisation of Employment in Newsrooms of the Public Broadcaster RTV Slovenia

Творчество как необходимый элемент развития предпринимательских компетенций

Aligning Corporate Social Responsibility with the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals: Trickier than it Seems?

Estratégias concorrenciais entre sistemas operacionais: Microsoft e Android

Innovative Growth Accounting


Natural Disasters and Creative Destruction: Evidence from the Universe of Firms in China

Seismic Shifts: Recentering Geology and Politics in the Anthropocene

More ‘Creative’ Than ‘Destructive’? Synthesizing Schumpeterian and Developmental State Perspectives to Explain Mixed Results in Korea’s Clean Energy Shift

Развитие медиабизнеса в условиях глобальной цифровизации

How do zombie firms affect China’s industrial upgrading?

Failures of Complex Organizations

“There Must Be No Ruins”: Ruinophobia and Urban Morphology in Turn-of-the-Century New York

Configuração espacial, Copa do Mundo 2014 e valorização imobiliária no bairro de Lagoa Nova (Natal / Brasil)

Real capital investments and sustainability - The case of Sweden

The Impact of New-Product R&D on the Circular Flow

Innovative approaches to the history of exploitation and new development of the Russian Arctic

Creative destruction in urban planning procedures: the language of ‘renewal’ and ‘exploitation’21

Great European Crisis: Shift or Turning Point in Job Creation from Job Destruction

Theoretical Framework and Proposed Model

How Does Regional Industrial Structure Evolve in China


Innovate to Lead or Innovate to Prevail: When Do Monopolistic Rents Induce Growth?

Productivity Growth and Resource Reallocation in France: The Process of Creative Destruction

Ecotourism after nature: Anthropocene tourism as a new capitalist “fix”

A Global View of Creative Destruction

Preface to special series: postindustrial landscapes, communities, and heritage: special series introduction

Concept of entrepreneurship anti-ideology

Blessing in disguise: long-run benefits of urban disasters

Do we need to move from communication technology to user community? A new economic model of the journal as a club

Chinese competition and product variety of Indian firms

Author response: The burnout patient.

Short- and Long-Run Tradeoff Monetary Easing

A Vision for a Dynamic World: Reading Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy for Today

Skills and employment in a data-driven economy (Data-Driven Innovation: Big Data for Growth and Well-Being)

Concentration of power: A UK case study examining the dominance of incumbent automakers and suppliers in automotive sociotechnical transitions

Book review: Energy, complexity and wealth maximization

Understanding cultural diversity and economic prosperity in Europe: a literature review and proposal of a culture–economy framework

Open-Sourcing Civil Society

Global Entanglements of a Man who Never Travelled: A Seventeenth-Century Chinese Christian and His Conflicted Worlds