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Topology optimization of cracked structures using peridynamics

Numerical investigation on the nonlinear dynamics of a breathing cracked rotor supported by flexible bearings

Multi-material topology optimization of structures with discontinuities using Peridynamics

Comparative Study of Peridynamics and Finite Element Method for Practical Modeling of Cracks in Topology Optimization

A non-homogeneous multi-material topology optimization approach for functionally graded structures with cracks

A preliminary concrete mixture design based on fracture toughness

Effect of crack location on buckling and dynamic stability in plate frame structures

Numerical investigation of composite patch repair of inclined cracked panel using XFEM

Correlation of the Master curve reference temperature T with unified constraint parameter

Ductile failure modelling in pre-cracked solids using coupled fracture locus theory

Comparison of sensitivity measures in probabilistic fracture mechanics

Use of Bispectrum Analysis to Inspect the Non-Linear Dynamic Characteristics of Beam-Type Structures Containing a Breathing Crack

Fracture toughness as an alternative approach to quantify the ageing of insulation paper in oil

Vibration characteristics of cracked functionally graded structures using XFEM

Wedge Splitting Test: Displacement Field Analysis by Multi-parameter Fracture Mechanics

Transient dynamic analysis of cracked structures with multiple contact pairs using generalized HSNC

Numerical Analysis of an Edge Crack Isotropic Plate with Void/Inclusions under Different Loading by Implementing XFEM

Simulation Analysis of Cracked Steel Plate Bonded with Composite Patches

Effectiveness of the stress solutions in notch/crack tip regions by using extended boundary element method

An Estimate Method of EPFM Constraint Parameter in 3D Cracked Structures for Sensor Structure Design

Hygro-thermally induced stress intensity factor of an edge crack piezo laminated composite plate

The effect of crack geometry on non-destructive fault detection of EN 8 and EN 47 cracked cantilever beam

Fatigue Bending Behavior of Cold-Sprayed Nickel-Based Superalloy Coatings

Refined bond-based peridynamics for thermal diffusion

Comparison between bolt clamping force and composite patches for repairing aircraft structures of aluminum alloy 2024-T3

Hybrid approach for calculation of J-R curve using R6

A New Kriging-Based Learning Function for Reliability Analysis and Its Application to Fatigue Crack Reliability

A Fast Monte Carlo Method for Model-Based Prognostics Based on Stochastic Calculus

Efficient cephalexin degradation using active chlorine produced on ruthenium and iridium oxide anodes: Role of bath composition, analysis of degradation pathways and degradation extent.

Cracked eight-awn star TaS2 with fractal structures used as an efficient electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction

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Cracked Structures 금이 간 구조물

Cracked Structures 금이 간 구조물
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