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Numerical Investigation into the Product’s Weight loss and Display Shelf life inside the Serve-over Cabinet

Home Meal Replacement Use and Eating Habits of Adults in One-Person Households

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Fast Food Chains and Obesity in Oman: Commentary Article

Microbial biotechnology in food and health: present and future food safety regulation

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Fermented Millet Technology and Products

Utilization of Job’s Tear ( Coix Lacryma-Joba L. ) Flour as Composite for All Purpose Flour in Saltine Crackers

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Comprehensive Understanding of Roller Milling on the Physicochemical Properties of Red Lentil and Yellow Pea Flours

Validation of MEDFICTS Dietary Assessment Questionnaire in Turkish Population.

A Comprehensive Review on the Economic Status of the Global Convenience Food Industry

Changes in eating habits and sedentary behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic in adolescents with chronic conditions

Evaluation of Consumer Sensory Acceptability and Shelf Life of Orangefleshed Sweet Potato-enriched Mozzarella Cheese

Dietary patterns associated with subclinical atherosclerosis: a cross-sectional analysis of the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil) study

Packaged food supply in Fiji: nutrient levels, compliance with sodium targets and adherence to labelling regulations

Dietary Practices of Health Professionals during Working Hours in a Tertiary Referral Teaching Hospital In Ghana: A Neglected Vulnerable Group

The prospect of using natural psychobitics in dairy products to stabilize the diet

Investigating the Effect of Nano-silver Contained Packaging on the Olivier Salad Shelf-life

Teachers’ perspectives on the barriers to healthy lifestyle behaviors among adolescent girls of disadvantaged backgrounds in Ireland: A qualitative study

Development of biscuits supplemented with papaya seed and peel: effects on physicochemical properties, bioactive compounds, in vitro absorption capacities and starch digestibility

Investigating the Role of Psychological, Social, Religious and Ethical Determinants on Consumers’ Purchase Intention and Consumption of Convenience Food

Trends in food and nutrient intake over 20 years: findings from the 1998-2018 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Nutrition Education, Hands-on Cooking and Financial Incentives to Change Purchasing Behaviors in a Low Socioeconomic Status Population: A Community-Based Study Protocol

Chemical Composition, Anti-Nutritional Factors and Pasting Properties of Cassava-African Yam Bean Flour Blends for Noodle Preparation

A community-based participatory research approach to understanding social eating for food well-being

Prevalence, virulence genes, and genetic diversity of Bacillus cereus isolated from convenience food.

Strengthening agriculture-nutrition linkages to improve consumption of nutrient-dense perishable foods in India - existing evidence and way forward

Process Development of Gluten-Free Snack Utilising Finger Millets

Feasibility of a Culturally Adapted Dietary Weight-Loss Intervention among Ghanaian Migrants in Berlin, Germany: The ADAPT Study

Associations of Dietary Patterns and Nutrients with Glycated Hemoglobin in Participants with and without Type 1 Diabetes

Social Inequalities in Changes in Diet in Adolescents during Confinement Due to COVID-19 in Spain: The DESKcohort Project

The nature of food promotions over one year in circulars from leading Belgian supermarket chains

Process and Storage Stability of Bacillus coagulans LBSC in Food Matrices and Appraisal of Calorific Restriction

Determination of the migration of plastic additives and non-intentionally added substances into food simulants and the assessment of health risks from convenience food packaging

Food environment at subway stations: a study in the municipality of São Paulo, Brazil.

Influence of antioxidative and antibacterial activity of sage aqueous extract and chitosan formulation on chicken burger quality

Processing, value addition and health benefits

Positioning of design elements on the packaging of frozen convenience food and consumers’ levels of attention: An experiment using pizza boxes

How do Convenience Ingredients Encourage Young Generations to Preserve the Malay Traditional Food Practice?

“Hot Chicks on Board” – Gender, Meat, and Violence in Food Marketing in, and from, South Africa

Food purchasing behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from Italian household scanner data

Food Neophobia among Adults: Differences in Dietary Patterns, Food Choice Motives, and Food Labels Reading in Poles


Food categorizations among low-income women living in three different urban contexts: The pile sorting method

Effects of hot‐water and steam blanching of sliced potato on polyphenol oxidase activity

Trans Fat Labeling Information on Brazilian Packaged Foods

Modes of Eating and Phased Routinisation: Insect-Based Food Practices in the Netherlands

Characterisation of fresh fruit consumption in Spain based on food-related lifestyle

Beyond Nutrient Intake: Use of Digital Food Photography Methodology to Examine Family Dinnertime

Consuming takeaway food: Convenience, waste and Chinese young people’s urban lifestyle:

Association of frequent intake of fast foods, energy drinks, or convenience food with atopic dermatitis in adolescents

A diet recommendation for diabetic patients using integer programming

Efektivitas media promosi pada produk Sandwich goreng merek Royal Sandwich.

Supermarket Purchases Over the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Benefit Month: A Comparison Between Participants and Nonparticipants.


Evaluation of Hybrid Maize (QPM) for Preparation of Nutritious Recipes of Various Foods Products Nutritional Security

Television food and beverage marketing to children in Costa Rica: current state and policy implications.

Unsustainable societal demands on the food system

1584-P: Associations of Dietary Patterns with Atherosclerosis in the Coronary Artery Calcification in Type 1 Diabetes (CACTI) Study

Optimisation and Evaluation of Ricebean (Vigna Umbellata) Extrusion Process for Downstream Food Processability

Повышение биологической ценности белка и увеличение сроков хранения полуфабриката из вешенки обыкновенной методом электронной стерилизации

Nutritional Qualities of Commercial Meal Kit Subscription Services in Australia

Food Choices of Young Adults in the United States of America: A Scoping Review.

Effect of the addition of polysaccharide hydrocolloids on sensory quality, color parameters, and anthocyanin stabilization in cloudy strawberry beverages

A Cooking Support System for Seasoning with Smart Cruet

Association between frequency of convenience foods use at convenience stores and dietary quality among high school students in Incheon

Development of Instant Ox Tail Soup Supplemented with Mushroom and Moringa Leaves


Increasing the Competitiveness of Market Value Chains be Shaped to Improve Nutrition for Smallholder Producers: A Review

Development and Evaluation of Quality of Noodles Enriched with Chicken Meat Powder

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Convenience Food 인스턴트 식품

Convenience Food 인스턴트 식품
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