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Stability, bifurcation and chaos control of a discretized Leslie prey-predator model

Analytical Solution to A Discrete-Time Model for Dynamic Learning and Decision-Making

A review of multistate modelling approaches in monitoring disease progression: Bayesian estimation using the Kolmogorov-Chapman forward equations

Online Adaptive Vibration Control and Fault Diagnosis based on Identification for Offshore Platforms

Day-to-day dynamics with advanced traveler information

Who moves out and who keeps the home? Short-term and medium-term mobility consequences of grey divorce in Belgium

Dual-Sourcing, Dual-Mode Dynamic Stochastic Inventory Models: A Review

Optimal sampling rates for reliable continuous-time first-order autoregressive and vector autoregressive modeling.

A Spatio-temporal Stochastic Model for an Emerging Plant Disease Spread in a Heterogeneous Landscape

The discrete-time Kermack–McKendrick model: A versatile and computationally attractive framework for modeling epidemics

Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functional for Discretized Homogeneous Systems

Simulation of police shooting stability training based on FPGA and sensors

Continuous-Time Varying Complex QR Decomposition via Zeroing Neural Dynamics

Hybrid dynamics of multi-species resource exploitation

Velocity-form spline-based continuous-time MPC: explicit solution

Dynamic Preservation for a Class of Semi-Discrete Recurrent Neural Networks

A new auditory algorithm in stock market prediction on oil and gas sector in Nigerian stock exchange

Models of Continuous-Time Networks with Tie Decay, Diffusion, and Convection

Operating analysis of SiC DC/DC power converter for synchronous and asynchronous modulation

Scattering and Perturbation Theory for Discrete-Time Dynamics.

Scalable Inference in Graph-coupled Continuous-time Markov Chains

Analytical Performance Evaluation of GFDM in Underwater Acoustic Communication Systems

Exploring the Unfolding of Dynamic Effects with Continuous-Time Models: Recommendations Concerning Statistical Power to Detect Peak Cross-Lagged Effects

Model Predictive Controller Design for Pulp Digester

Could Chapter 11 redeem itself? Wealth and welfare effects of the redemption option

Hopf Bifurcation in a Delayed Single Species Network System

A locally convergent continuous-time algorithm to find all the roots of a time-varying polynomial

Financial crisis and slow recovery with Bayesian learning agents

Recurrent Neural Dynamics Models for Perturbed Nonstationary Quadratic Programs: A Control-Theoretical Perspective.

$\mathscr{L}_{1}$ Adaptive Control Design Using CMPC: Applied to Single-Link Flexible Joint Manipulator

Designing temporal networks that synchronize under resource constraints

The Grid Bootstrap for Continuous Time Models

A continuous-time mathematical model and discrete approximations for the aggregation of β-Amyloid.

Dynamics of infectious diseases: A review of the main biological aspects and their mathematical translation

The annuity puzzle and consumption hump under ambiguous life expectancy

Time-varying Schur decomposition via Zhang neural dynamics

Kernel-based identification of asymptotically stable continuous-time linear dynamical systems

Computational Efficiency in Continuous (and Discrete!) Time Models – Comment on Hecht and Zitzmann

Discrete-time phytoplankton–zooplankton model with bifurcations and chaos

Resonance in physiologically structured population models

Adaptive formal approximations of Markov chains

Sampling Rate and Performance of DC/AC Inverters with Digital PID Control—A Case Study

A Neural Network Monte Carlo Approximation for Expected Utility Theory

Booms and Busts in the Oil Market: Identifying Speculative Bubbles Using a Continuous-Time Dynamic System


Optimal forward contract design for inventory: a value-of-waiting analysis

Partial Least Squares Path Modeling

Estimation based controller for marine vessel exposed to environmental perturbations

MPC Predictive Control of DC/AC Converter for autonomous load

Discrete-Time First-Order Plus Dead-Time Model-Reference Trade-off PID Control Design

Detecting and Exploiting Generalized Nonlinear Static Feedback Structures in DAE Systems for MPC

Research on Open-pit Mine Vehicle Scheduling Problem with Approximate Dynamic Programming

Continuous Protocols for Swarm Robotics

Bootstrap percolation with inhibition

Numerical Analysis of the Model of Optimal Consumption and Borrowing with Random Time Scale

Deterministic Parameter Change Models in Continuous and Discrete Time

Modeling the Stochastic Traffic Flow with Markov Jump Linear Hyperbolic Systems

Modelos estocásticos en epidemiología

A Wireless Vehicle-based mobile network infrastructure designed for smarter cities

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Continuous Time Model 연속 시간 모델

Continuous Time Model 연속 시간 모델
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