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Factors Determining Intention to Continue Using E-HRM

How Gamification Leads to Continued Usage of MOOCs? A Theoretical Perspective

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Continuous Intention to Use E-Wallet in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Integrating the Health Belief Model (HBM) and Technology Continuous Theory (TCT)

Can “Liking” Behavior Lead to Usage Intention on Facebook? Uses and Gratification Theory Perspective

Opportunities Associated With Open Access Initiatives

Factors Affecting College Students’ Continuous Intention to Use Online Course Platform

Causal relationship between exercise commitment and exercise continuation intention according to the use of mobile home training : Changes in fitness after Covid-19

Determinants of the continuous use of mobile apps: The mediating role of users awareness and the moderating role of customer focus

Analyzing the Critical Factors Influencing Post-Use Trust and Its Impact on Citizens’ Continuous-Use Intention of E-Government: Evidence from Chinese Municipalities

Developing an educational framework for using mobile learning during the era of COVID-19

A Combined Model for Continuous Intention to Use E-Learning System

Predicting the Determinants of Continuance Intention to Use E-Wallet in Indonesia Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

User Intention of Anonymous Social Application “Soul” in China: Analysis based on an Extended Technology Acceptance Model

Examining continuous integrating of technology acceptance model with task-technology fit

Exploring Factors Affecting Intention to Purchase Virtual Goods in Online Games

Augmented reality in smart retailing: A (n) (A) Symmetric Approach to continuous intention to use retail brands’ mobile AR apps

Fostering Voluntourism Satisfaction and Future Behaviour in Island Destinations

Fintech and Commercial Banks Development in Malaysia: Continuous Intention to Use Fintech Services in IR 4.0 Environment

Factors Influencing Physicians’ Continuous Blogging: A Survey

Influencing Factors of Intention to Use Mobile Devices for Reading

Sustainable Development of Online Group-Buying Websites: An Integrated Perspective of ECM and Relationship Marketing

Determine Factors of NFC Mobile Payment Continuous Adoption in Shopping Malls: Evidence From Indonesia

AI-powered learning application use and gratification: an integrative model

Advancing the Understanding of the Role of Responsible AI in the Continued Use of IoMT in Healthcare

Imitation Learning of Hierarchical Driving Model: From Continuous Intention to Continuous Trajectory

Using Mobile Food Delivery Applications during COVID-19 Pandemic: An Extended Model of Planned Behavior

A Study on the Millennials Usage Behavior of Social Network Services: Effects of Motivation, Density, and Centrality on Continuous Intention to Use

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Peer-to-peer interactions: perspectives of airbnb guests and hosts.

Continuous usage of e-participation: The role of the sense of virtual community

The Critical Factor Prompting the Usage of a Social Computing

Determinants of discontinuous intention of attention to mobile instant message services

The consumer intention to use digital membership cards

A(n) (a)symmetric perspective towards task-technology-performance fit in mobile app industry

Examining Consumer Continuance Intention in Social Media and Online Shopping Context

Exploring the Role of Technical Features in Promoting the Intention to Continue Sharing Contents in Social Commerce Platform

Usage Intention Model for Mobile Health Application: Uses and Gratification Perspective

MTS Service Environmental Quality’s Effects on the Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Use Intention in the Agile Business Environment

Gratification Sought in Gamification on Mobile Payment

An Empirical Study of the Impacts of Perceived Security and Knowledge on Continuous Intention to Use Mobile Fintech Payment Services

Is Wearable Technology Becoming Part of Us? Developing and Validating a Measurement Scale for Wearable Technology Embodiment

College-aged users behavioral strategies to reduce envy on social networking sites: A cross-cultural investigation

The influence of platform incentives on actual carriers’ continuous participation intention of non-vehicle operating carrier platform: A study in China

Framework design of university communication model (UCOM) to enhance continuous intentions in teaching and e-learning process

Retaining learners by establishing harmonious relationships in e-learning environment

Understanding the Acceptance of Teaching Method Supported by Enterprise WeChat in Blended Learning Environment

The Role of Consumers’ Perceived Security, Perceived Control, Interface Design Features, and Conscientiousness in Continuous Use of Mobile Payment Services

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Continuous Intention 지속적인 의도

Continuous Intention 지속적인 의도
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