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Determinants of Continuance Intention towards Banks’ Chatbot Services in Vietnam: A Necessity for Sustainable Development

Critical Factors for Predicting Users’ Acceptance of Digital Museums for Experience-Influenced Environments

Assessing students’ continuance intention in using multimedia online learning

Studying the effect of institutional pressures on the intentions to continue green information technology usage

An integrated framework for the adoption and continuance intention to use mobile payment apps

To stay or not to stay? Discontinuance intention of gamification apps

Q-TAM: A Quality Technology Acceptance Model for Predicting Organizational Buyers’ Continuance Intentions for E-Procurement Services

Understanding the satisfaction and continuance intention of knowledge contribution by health professionals in online health communities

Understanding bike sharing use over time by employing extended technology continuance theory

Exploring player behavior and motivations to continue playing Pokémon GO

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Continuance Intentions 지속 의도

Continuance Intentions 지속 의도
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