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Continuance Intention sentence examples within expectation confirmation model

E-Learning in the Postpandemic Era: A Case Study in Taiwan

Determinants of Continuance Intention towards Banks’ Chatbot Services in Vietnam: A Necessity for Sustainable Development

Continuance Intention sentence examples within perceived usefulness perceived

Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Keberlanjutan Minat Pengguna Dalam Menggunakan Aplikasi Mhealth Melalui Variabel Satisfaction

Continuance intention in running apps: the moderating effect of relationship norms

Continuance Intention sentence examples within expectation confirmation theory

Integration of expectation confirmation theory and self-determination theory in internet banking continuance intention

Meta-analysis of ECM-ISC model: evidence from Chinese literature

Continuance Intention sentence examples within task technology fit

COVID-19 crisis and the continuous use of virtual classes

Can tasks and learning be balanced? A dual-pathway model of cloud-based e-learning continuance intention and performance outcomes

Continuance Intention sentence examples within self determination theory

Proposing a TAM-SDT-Based Model to Examine the User Acceptance of Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Continuance Intention sentence examples within berpengaruh signifikan terhadap

Analisis Continuance Intention To Use Layanan Video On Demand dengan Pendekatan Theory of Planned Behavior (Studi Kasus pada Pengguna Aplikasi Netflix Di Kota Surabaya)

Continuance Intention sentence examples within User Continuance Intention

Identification of content quality perspective for continuance intention in e-campus application: Insights from Malaysia

Predicting continuance intention toward e-campus usage: Does satisfaction play a role?

Continuance Intention sentence examples within Predict Continuance Intention

Web-based videoconferencing in online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic: University students’ perspectives

Toward a Unified Theory of Customer Continuance Model for Financial Technology Chatbots

Continuance Intention sentence examples within Usage Continuance Intention

Factors Predicting Consumers’ Continuance Intention to Use Mobile Wallets: Evidence from Kerala, India

Exploring the determinants of Internet continuance intention and the negative impact of Internet addiction on students’ academic performance

Continuance Intention sentence examples within Learning Continuance Intention

What Drives Rural Students’ Online Learning Continuance Intention: An SEM Approach

Exploring the Impact of Self-Management of Learning and Personal Learning Initiative on Mobile Language Learning: A Moderated Mediation Model.

Continuance Intention sentence examples within Affect Continuance Intention

Determinants of Continuance Intention to Use Open Data Website: An Insight from Indonesia

Social network fatigue affecting continuance intention of social networking services

Continuance Intention sentence examples within Consumer Continuance Intention

How to achieve consumer continuance intention toward branded apps—from the consumer–brand engagement perspective

An Extended Expectation Confirmation Model Of Continuance Intention To Use Online Food Delivery Services In Asia Country

Continuance Intention sentence examples within Predicting Continuance Intention

Influence of trust in information system: Understanding user’s satisfaction of e-campus usage

Usability factors predicting continuance of intention to use cloud e-learning application

Continuance Intention sentence examples within Influence Continuance Intention

The Role of Perceived Usefulness, Customer Satisfaction, and Emotional Stability, to Continuance Intention of C2c Online Shop in Surabaya

The Influence Factors of Continuance Intention to Use a Music Streaming Application

Continuance Intention sentence examples within App Continuance Intention

How gamified branded applications drive marketing effectiveness?

An app a day keeps a customer connected: Explicating loyalty to brands and branded applications through the lens of affordance and service-dominant logic

Continuance Intention sentence examples within Toward Continuance Intention

The role of trust on continuance intention to use e-campus

Role of Trust and Privacy Concerns towards Usage of E-Health Services—An Extension of Expectation-Confirmation Model

Continuance Intention sentence examples within Individual Continuance Intention

Assessing Determinants of Continuance Intention towards Personal Cloud Services: Extending UTAUT2 with Technology Readiness

A meta-analysis of the quantitative studies in continuance intention to use an information system

Continuance Intention sentence examples within Payment Continuance Intention

Understanding Mobile Payment Continuance Intention on Mobile Food Ordering Apps (MFOAs) during COVID-19 Pandemic

Identifying Factors Affecting the Continuance Usage Intention of Digital Payment Services among Millennials in Jakarta

Continuance Intention sentence examples within continuance intention toward

Assessing Determinants of Continuance Intention towards Personal Cloud Services: Extending UTAUT2 with Technology Readiness

Sport-related physical activity in tourism: an analysis of antecedents of sport based applications use

Continuance Intention sentence examples within continuance intention among

Factors Influencing Continuance Intention of Ecommerce among SMEs in Northern Region of Malaysia

What Determines Generation Z Continuance Intention of Fintech? The Moderating Effect of Gender

Antecedents of trust and continuance intention in mobile payment platforms: The moderating effect of gender

Assessing students’ continuance intention in using multimedia online learning

The moderating role of customer engagement experiences in customer satisfaction–loyalty relationship

Understanding Digital Skill Use from The Technology Continuance Theory (TCT)

Studying the effect of institutional pressures on the intentions to continue green information technology usage

Investigating The Measurement of Consumers’ Electronic Word-of-Mouth (E-WOM), Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motives, and Satisfaction of Islamic Insurance (Takaful)

Understanding Continuance Intention to View Instagram Stories: A Perspective of Uses and Gratifications Theory

Integration of DeLone and McLean and self-determination theory in internet banking continuance intention context

Motivations and habits of micro-news consumption on mobile social media

The impact of mobile tour information services on destination travel intention

A new direction to better understand post-adoption behavior: The theory of need for information systems

A(n) (a)symmetric perspective towards task-technology-performance fit in mobile app industry

Effective Factors on continued use of the Picture Archiving and Communication System in Teaching Hospitals of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Post-adoption beliefs and continuance intention of smart device use among people with physical disabilities.

Assessing the Effects of Information System Quality and Relationship Quality on Continuance Intention in E-Tourism

Identification of critical quality dimensions for continuance intention in mHealth services: Case study of onecare service

Predicting teachers’ continuance in a virtual learning environment with psychological ownership and the TAM: a perspective from Malaysia

The impact of inertia and user satisfaction on the continuance intentions to use mobile communication applications: A mobile service quality perspective

The Impact of Restaurant Social Media on Environmental Sustainability: An Empirical Study

An integrated framework for the adoption and continuance intention to use mobile payment apps

To stay or not to stay? Discontinuance intention of gamification apps

The Effects of Online Reviews, Perceived Value, and Gender on Continuance Intention to Use International Online Outshopping Website: An Elaboration Likelihood Model Perspective

Research on Influencing Factors of Users’ Continuance Intention to Use Car-hailing Apps


Examining continuance use on social network and micro-blogging sites: Different roles of self-image and peer influence

The Effect of Perceived Interactivity and Social Norm to the Continuance Use of Mobile Wellness Apps

Understanding the effect of social media marketing activities: The mediation of social identification, perceived value, and satisfaction

A hybrid model for exploring the antecedents of cloud ERP continuance

Impact of Perceived Value on Customer Satisfaction and Continuance Intention of Bicycle Sharing Service

Youth Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility: Does Concern About Social Impact Convert to Consumption?

The asymmetric effect of fairness and quality dimensions on satisfaction and dissatisfaction: An application of the Kano model to the interdisciplinary college program evaluation

Continuance Usage Intention of Gojek Application in Surabaya

The Role of Wearable Technologies in Supply Chain Collaboration: A Case of Pharmaceutical Industry

Understanding continuance usage of mobile shopping applications in India: the role of espoused cultural values and perceived risk

You inspire me and make my life better: Investigating a multiple sequential mediation model of smartwatch continuance intention

Exploring the emotional antecedents and outcomes of technology acceptance

An Integrated Model of Voice-User Interface Continuance Intention: The Gender Effect

User Continuance in Playing Mobile Online Games Analyzed by Using UTAUT and Game Design

Behavior Mechanism of Internet Product Consumers Transferring from Personal Computer Terminal to Mobile Terminal

Returning after taking a break in online distance higher education: from intention to effective re-enrollment

Exploring the interrelationships between technological predictors and behavioral mediators in online tax filing: The moderating role of perceived risk

Q-TAM: A Quality Technology Acceptance Model for Predicting Organizational Buyers’ Continuance Intentions for E-Procurement Services

Privacy Concern on Continuance of use in Online Doctor Consultation

Mobile SNS Addiction and User Continuance: An Empirical Investigation of WeChat

Internal Threats from CSPs and the Continuance Intention to Use Cloud Computing

Influence of Expectation Confirmation, Network Externalities, and Flow on Use of Mobile Shopping Apps

Social influence or personal attitudes?

The Continuance Use of Social Network Sites for Political Participation: Evidences from Arab Countries

Continued Usage and Location Disclosure of Location-Based Applications: A Necessity for Location Intelligence

Continuance model of formative computer-based assessment (CBA): Considering the effects of self-regulation and social influence

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Continuance Intention 지속 의도

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