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Media strategies of charitable organizations’ presentations: functional and axiological problems

Implications of advertising in the contemporary models of consumer behaviour

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Electrocortical mechanisms of sustained attention during the acquisition and interaction of conditioned fear and anxiety

Hoarding and obsessive–compulsive behaviours in frontotemporal dementia: Clinical and neuroanatomic associations

Prescriptive analytics for impulsive behaviour prevention using real-time biometrics

Institutional Strategies to Enhance Graduate Student Success Through Mentoring

The roles of borderline personality disorder symptoms and dispositional capability for suicide in suicidal ideation and suicide attempts: Examination of the COMT Val158Met polymorphism

Intersectionality as Critical Social Theory

Importance of the cervical capsular joint cartilage geometry on head and facet joint kinematics assessed in a Finite element neck model.

Emergent or imposed?

An Optimal Data Entry Method, Using Web Scraping and Text Recognition

Spatial matching of microvascular oxygen delivery to demand in skeletal muscle: Has the missing link been found?

The Effects of Onset and Offset Masking on the Time Course of Non-Native Spoken-Word Recognition in Noise

Representative co-design: Utilising a source of experiential knowledge for athlete development and performance preparation

Virtual reconstruction of the historic city of Al-Zubarah in Qatar

Primary Care Providers’ Perceptions and Experiences of Family-Centered Care for Older Adults: A Qualitative Study of Community-Based Diabetes Management in China

Retrieving Divine Immensity and Omnipresence

Leadership Styles and Organisational Performance in Nigeria: Qualitative Perspective

A comprehensive dataset for the thermal conductivity of ice Ih for application to planetary ice shells

Assessment of the Readiness and Resilience of Czech Society against Water-Related Crises

Re-Urbanization in a Model of Sustainable Development of an Eco-City

Unique Mechanisms for the Availability of Declarative Memory Elements and the Strengthening of Cognitive Operations

Corporate Governance and the Future of Work, Work-Family Satisfaction, and Employee Well-Being

Narrating Trauma? Captured Cross Relics in Chronicles and Chansons de Geste

Physical activity and interoceptive processing: Theoretical considerations for future research.

Assessing school attendance problems: A critical systematic review of questionnaires

Predicting halo occupation and galaxy assembly bias with machine learning

Altered temporal, but intact spatial, features of transient network dynamics in psychosis

Modeling the spatial control over point defect spin states via processing variables

Exploring Rational and Non-rational Dimensions of Interpersonal Complexity

Development of Random Forest Algorithm Based Prediction Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Neurodegeneration Pattern

A Restoration Yacht’s Design Secrets Unveiled: An examination of a ship model with reference to the works of William Sutherland

Primary care providers’ perceptions and experiences of family-centered care for older adults: a qualitative study of community-based diabetes management in China

Extended Goal Recognition: A Planning-Based Model for Strategic Deception


Bioclimatic passive design strategies of traditional houses in cold climate regions

Genetic testing in patients with triple-negative or hereditary breast cancer.

The Intentional Selection Assumption

Inaccurate Value at Risk Estimations: Bad Modeling or Inappropriate Data?

Bidirectional influences of information sampling and concept learning.

Queen Vashti: A Contemporary Model for Christian Morality in Africa

Resource utilization prediction technique in cloud using knowledge based ensemble random forest with LSTM model

Analyzing Prevalent Internal Challenges to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) through Public Opinion

Numerical aspects of hydro-mechanical coupling of fluid-filled fractures using hybrid-dimensional element formulations and non-conformal meshes

How Teachers Define and Identify Self-Regulated Learning

Subversive song: Imagining Colossians 1:15–20 as a social protest hymn in the context of Roman empire

A Systematic Review of Decision-Analytic Models for Evaluating Cost-Effectiveness of Asthma Interventions.

What Simulations Teach Us About Ordinary Objects

Reconsidering the Energy Homeostasis Hypothesis. the Proposed Role of Fat-Free Mass (FFM) and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Driving Increased Energy Intake After Weight Loss (OR09-04-19).

A holistic understanding of the effect of stress on adolescent wellbeing: A conditional process analysis.

What shapes a galaxy? - unraveling the role of mass, environment, and star formation in forming galactic structure

Demography, Environment, and Human Behavior

Right care, first time: a highly personalised and measurement‐based care model to manage youth mental health

A Cautionary Note on the Finite Sample Behavior of Maximal Reliability

Adolescents’ Personality Traits and Positive Psychological Orientations: Relations with Emotional Distress and Life Satisfaction Mediated by School Connectedness

Key findings of IEA EBC Annex 68 - Indoor Air Quality Design and Control in Low Energy Residential Buildings

The effect of global change on mosquito-borne disease.

Cardiogenic shock: evolving definitions and future directions in management

Importance of Safety in the Management of Osteoarthritis and the Need for Updated Meta-Analyses and Recommendations for Reporting of Harms

The Interaction Between Phonological and Semantic Processing in Reading Chinese Characters

Revisiting the retail change theories: A quest for contemporary model of retail change (CMRC) in Bangladesh


Visualizing Socio-techno-natural Processes: Issues and Challenges

Idee Fryderyka Nietschego w polskiej myśli o wychowaniu w latach 1883-1939

Recent advances in understanding the role of the basal ganglia

Thermionic Cooling of the Target Plasma to a Sub-eV Temperature.

A Pipeline for Lung Tumor Detection and Segmentation from CT Scans Using Dilated Convolutional Neural Networks

Modeling Barrier Island Habitats Using Landscape Position Information

Delineation of early brain development from fetuses to infants with diffusion MRI and beyond

What is it to discipline a child: What should it be? A reanalysis of time-out from the perspective of child mental health, attachment, and trauma.

State of the Profession

The ‘Fortress Farm’: articulating a new approach to redesigning ‘Defensible Space’ in a rural context

Magnetized Disruption of Inertially Confined Plasma Flows.

Motivic Transformation in the Dark Knight Trilogy (2005–2012)

Carl F. H. Henry’s Regenerational Model of Evangelism and Social Concern and the Promise of an Evangelical Consensus

Heterogeneity, Compliance and Enforcement of Public International Law Remarks on Sanctions and Countermeasures:

Electroencephalographic evidence for improved visual working memory performance during standing and exercise.


The End of the Beginning: Evidence and Absences Studying Positive Youth Development in a Global Context

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The anatomy of the human frontal lobe.

‘Messy Democracy’: Democratic pedagogy and its discontents*

Impaired prefrontal functional connectivity associated with working memory task performance and disorganization despite intact activations in schizophrenia

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