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Sheroes of the Sea: A Comparative Reading of the Girl-Centred Films Moana and Whale Rider

Seeing Kolkata: Globalization and the Changing Context of the Narrative of Bengali-ness in Two Contemporary Films

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Listening to Metal

Funds associated with film festivals: Supporting filmmaking in the Global South

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Herzog, Martel, and Auteurism

Service Providers: Form Over Content

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Coming of (R)age: A New Genre for Contemporary Narratives about Black Girlhood

We come in Peace! (Well, do they?): Human Communicative Fears in Films of an Extra-terrestrial Nature

World Cinema in a Global Frame

Design & cinema: A timeline of graphic design in film

On Westerns and Settler Migration: A Reading of Meek’s Cutoff by Kelly Reichardt

“An apple pie a day does not keep the doctor away”: Fictional depictions of gout in contemporary film and television

The Appearance and Resonance of Apocalyptic Archetypes in Contemporary Disaster Films

Adaptations of Elizabeth I and Shakespeare by Clemence Dane


In the Fade: Motherhood, Grief and Neo-Nazi Terrorism in Contemporary Germany

Contemporary Philosophical Filmmaking

Transgressing boundaries between film and music videos: Smarzowski, Kolski, and music videos in Poland

Hal-Hal yang Absen dalam Pencatatan Mengenai Film Nasional

Cinematic Signatures of Orpheus and Operatic Evocations

Lights, Camera, Andragogy! Adult Learning and Development in Film

Memories and Mindscapes: An Intertextual Study of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood

Space Tourism in Contemporary Cinema and Video Games


Violence as Embodied Neoliberalism in the Neurothriller

Kino pamięci narodowej jako proteza: Filmy o żołnierzach wyklętych

Introduction: New Prospects—After the Berlin School?

Sara Jahan Hamara: Indian Films and Their Portrayal of Foreign Destinations

El cartel de cine como nueva forma de humor gráfico en la España del siglo XXI. Influencias comunicativas.

Marina Lambrou, Disnarration and the Unmentioned in Fact and Fiction

In and out of control: Portraying older women in contemporary Finnish comedy films

Cine y resistencia

Approaches to Multidimensional Health in Representations of Islamic Themes among Black Male Characters in American Film and Television

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Contemporary Film 현대영화

Contemporary Film 현대영화
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