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Da’wa in Islam: A Discursive Analysis of South Asian Muslim Scholarly Discourses

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Major Contemporary Challenge

Domestic animal proteomics in the 21st century: A global retrospective and viewpoint analysis.

Dynamic Gene-Based Ecophysiological Models to Predict Phenotype from Genotype and Environment Data

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Addres Contemporary Challenge

Straddling the Fence: Land Use Patterns in and around Ports as Hidden Designers

Predictive Analytics and Modeling Employing Machine Learning Technology: The Next Step in Data Sharing, Analysis, and Individualized Counseling Explored With a Large, Prospective Prenatal Hydronephrosis Database.

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Face Contemporary Challenge

A World Safe for Democracy: Liberal Internationalism and the Crises of Global Order

Islamic Critical Thinking: An Analysis of Its Significance Based on The Al-Quran and Scholarly Views

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Main Contemporary Challenge

Usos e perceções sobre jardins e parques públicos urbanos.: Resultados preliminares de um inquérito na cidade do Porto (Portugal)

Behavioural evolution of consumers of banking services in the COVID-19 pandemic situation

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10 most important contemporary challenges in the management of SLE

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within New Contemporary Challenge

When the (face)mask slips

Cartografía del Trabajo Social Clínico en Chile: una historia en construcción y un comentario profesional

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Two Contemporary Challenge

Bring back the visible hand

Variations of Symbolic Power and Control in the One-to-One Computing Classroom: Swedish Teachers’ Enacted Didactical Design Decisions

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Greatest Contemporary Challenge

Community gardens: contribution to food safety and social inclusion

Problematic consumption of online pornography during the COVID-19 pandemic: clinical recommendations.

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Addressing Contemporary Challenge

The Society for Range Management: Bridging Gaps and Setting Directions

The Future Health Workforce: Integrated Solutions and Models of Care

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Address Contemporary Challenge

Framing a discussion on paradigm shift(s) in the field of information

The Future of Work in Australia: Preparing Graduates for Changing Work Patterns that Require New Skill Sets

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Discussiedossier: uitdagingen voor de hedendaagse historische cultuur

Contemporary issues in conversation analysis: Embodiment and materiality, multimodality and multisensoriality in social interaction

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Tackle Contemporary Challenge

Dynamic non-humans in a changing world

Tracking Paths to Smart Governance: The Case of Korydallos Municipality—Greece

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Pressing Contemporary Challenge

Bio-based polyesters: Recent progress and future prospects

Violence and social (in)justice: An interview with Vittorio Bufacchi

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Fundamental Contemporary Challenge

Hadith: “There is Hesitation in Everything Except in the Actions of the Next World” (An Analytical Exposition)

Jürgen Habermas and the democratization of world politics

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Biggest Contemporary Challenge

Information and communication technology (ICT) competency and sustainable tourism marketing

Protecting the Internet with international law

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Meet Contemporary Challenge

Concrete Monsters of the Welfare State: Discussions of Brutalist Architecture on Social Media

Smarter Together: Progressing Smart Data Platforms in Lyon, Munich, and Vienna

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within Solving Contemporary Challenge

Design thinking in applied informatics: what can we learn from Project HealthDesign?

Molecular Editing of Flavins for Catalysis

Contemporary Challenge sentence examples within contemporary challenge faced

Information and communication technology (ICT) competency and sustainable tourism marketing

Jürgen Habermas and the democratization of world politics

Graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4)-based nanostructured materials for photodynamic inactivation: Synthesis, efficacy and mechanism

On the relationship between interdisciplinarity and impact: Distinct effects on academic and broader impact

“That’s Me I am the Farmer of the Land”: Exploring Identities, Masculinities, and Health Among Male Farmers’ in Ireland

(Re)Assembling Anti-Oppressive Practice Teachings in Youth and Community Work through Collective Biography (2)

Standardizing Definitions of Hematopoietic Recovery, Graft Rejection, Graft Failure, Poor Graft Function, and Donor Chimerism in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation: A Report on Behalf of the American Society for Transplantation and Cellular Therapy.

Management of systemic risk factors for chronic tendinopathy

Corporate Directors: Who They Are, What They Do, Cyber Risk and Other Challenges

Historical perspectives and contemporary challenges to education (Bildung) and citizenry in the modern nation state: Comparative perspectives on Germany and the USA

Land Records Modernisation: Chandigarh

22. Searching for the causes of crime

Remembrance of Things Past: A Critical Step in Changing our Future

Link between molards and permafrost degradation: an experimental study

The Right to Protection from Incitement to Hatred

Towards eco-housing estate? – study of actions focused on environmental protection and improvement of living conditions in Wrocław’s large housing estates

Gas Biological Conversions: The Potential of Syngas and Carbon Dioxide as Production Platforms

The Politics of Legal Education

Reminiscences of suprematism heritage in modern design and architecture: relevant professional discourse, environment identity source and/or commercial idea


The The Daily Life of Contemporary Mothers – Between Social Expectations, the Sense of Duty and the Individual Experience of Motherhood

Legal education in England and Wales: what next?

Documentário: imaginário colonial de Minas Gerais

Modeling students’ flow experience through data logs in gamified educational systems

Challenges and Hazards of the Third Decade of the 21st Century

The Policy Responses towards Contemporary Islamic Capital Market in Indonesia: The Dynamics and Challenges

Automated Hydroponic System Integrated With an Android Smartphone Application

Gender back on the agenda in higher education: perspectives of academic staff in a contemporary UK case study

Digital Agora – Knowledge acquisition from spatial databases, geoinformation society VGI and social media data

COVID-19’s Impact on the International Political Economy of Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

A review on recent advancements in bioenergy production using microbial fuel cells.

Visionary Leadership in Africa: The Example of Julius Nyerere of Tanzania 1922 to 1999

Участие духовенства в выборах, политических партиях и органах власти с точки зрения светского и церковного законодательства


Global Advancement of Nuclear Medicine: KSNM 60 Years of Achievements

Public Administration Training in Basic Police Academies: A 50-State Comparative Analysis

Synthesis of Novel Dental Nanocomposite Resins by Incorporating Polymerizable, Quaternary Ammonium Silane-Modified Silica Nanoparticles

Being Women and Growing Old: Social Construction of Identities and Experiences of Aging Women in Contemporary Indian Families

Chapter 15. Magnetoresistance-based Biosensors

Global Governance V/S COVID-19 Pandemic: A Human Security Approach

Regional Industrial Complex as a Driver of Innovation Development of Industrial Production and Services

Uses of radio emission spectroscopy for non-contact and in situ diagnostics of low pressure radio frequency plasma processing

Quantum Solver of Contracted Eigenvalue Equations for Scalable Molecular Simulations on Quantum Computing Devices.

Medical Humanism in Neurosurgery

Numerical verification of the saw-cut method

Co-Immune: a case study on open innovation for vaccination hesitancy and access

Novel treatments for autism spectrum disorder based on genomics and systems biology.

Partitioning Pattern of Natural Products Based on Molecular Properties Descriptors Representing Drug-Likeness

Ethically Navigating the Murky Waters of “Contingency Standards of Care”

Religion in the public sphere: The Quebec charter of values, a critical reflection


Regional Security Orders and International Transformations: The Transatlantic Adaptation and Change

Regulating white-collar crime in Ireland: an analysis using the lens of governmentality

Exploring challenges, threats and innovations in global health promotion.

A Latin American Perspective to Agricultural Ethics

Agricultural Development in Northern Australia

Nanomaterial Synthesis: Chemical and Biological Route and Applications

Foreword and Introduction to This Issue on Contemporary Safety Topics in Animal Research.

Historicising perceptions and the national management framework for invasive alien plants in South Africa.

A Defence of Dialectics: Critical Theory and epistemology: The politics of modern thought and science, by Anastasia Marinopoulou

Solar-driven reduction of aqueous CO2 with a cobalt bis(terpyridine)-based photocathode


Navigating Different Theories of Change for Higher Education in Volatile Times


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