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Ultrasonic measurement of dentin remineralization effects of dentifrices and silver diamine fluoride

Clinical Efficacy of Aloe Vera Toothpaste on Periodontal Parameters of Patients with Gingivitis-A Randomized, Controlled, Single-masked Clinical Trial.

Arginine: A Weapon against Cariogenic Biofilm?

Effect of Dentifrice Containing Crab-Shell Chitosan on the Accumulation of Dental Plaque in Fixed Orthodontic Appliances Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Randomised study of the effects of fluoride and time on in situ remineralisation of acid-softened enamel

Effects of a toothpaste containing 0.3% triclosan on periodontal parameters of subjects enrolled in a regular maintenance program: a secondary analysis of a 2-year randomized clinical trial.

An in vitro model to assess effects of a desensitising agent on bacterial biofilm formation

Effects of Dentifrices Differing in Fluoride Content on Remineralization Characteristics of Dentin in vitro

Comparative Evaluation of the Remineralizing Potential of Commercially Available Agents on Artificially Demineralized Human Enamel: An In vitro Study

Kemampuan Bioaktif Glass (Novamin) dan Casein Peptide Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (CPP-ACP) terhadap Demineralisasi Enamel

Scanning electron microscopic (SEM) comparison of dentinal tubule occlusion effected by a dentifrice containing NovaMin to that of diode laser (810nm)

Remineralization potential of dentifrice containing nanohydroxyapatite on artificial carious lesions of enamel: A comparative in vitro study

Effect of sodium lauryl sulfate on recurrent aphthous stomatitis: A systematic review

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Containing Dentifrice 치약 함유

Containing Dentifrice 치약 함유
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