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Contact Models sentence examples within Two Contact Models

Comparative analysis of leakage calculations for metallic seals of ball-seat valves using the multi-asperity model and the magnification-based model

Experimental study of separation behavior of two bodies in hypersonic flow

Contact Models sentence examples within Different Contact Models

On a simple, stable and efficient bond model for inter-particle adhesion

A generalized Maugis-Dugdale solution for adhesion of power-law graded elastic materials

Contact Models sentence examples within Element Contact Models

The influence of contact area between implant and its adjacent teeth on finite element analysis

The influence of frontally flat bearing design on contact mechanics and kinematics in total knee joint replacements

Contact Models sentence examples within Common Contact Models

Simulating finger-tip force using two common contact models: Hunt-Crossley and elastic foundation.

Mechanical Characterization by Mesoscale Indentation: Advantages and Pitfalls for Tissue and Scaffolds.

Contact Models sentence examples within Hertz Contact Models

Random vibration of SDOF vibro-impact oscillators with restitution factor related to velocity under wide-band noise excitations

A magnification-based multi-asperity (MBMA) model of rough contact without adhesion

Contact Models sentence examples within 3d Contact Models

Development of a finite element musculoskeletal model with the ability to predict contractions of three-dimensional muscles.

Characteristics extraction and numerical analysis of the rough surface macro-morphology

Contact Models sentence examples within Dynamic Contact Models

Modeling and simulation of vibro‐thermography including nonlinear contact dynamics of ultrasonic actuator

Modeling and simulation of vibro-thermography including nonlinear contact dynamics of ultrasonic actuator.

Contact Models sentence examples within Classical Contact Models

Surface effects on nano-contact based on surface energy density

Contact Stiffness Parameters for Finite Element Modeling of Contact

Contact Models sentence examples within Variou Contact Models

Comparison of Analytical Models for Seismic Induced Pounding in Buildings – A Review

Consolidating rock-physics classics: A practical take on granular effective medium models

Contact Models sentence examples within Viscoelastic Contact Models

Development and application of rough viscoelastic contact models in the first phase of 3D manipulation for biological micro-/nanoparticles by AFM

Comparative behavior of damping terms of viscoelastic contact force models with consideration on relaxation time

Contact Models sentence examples within New Contact Models

A review of contact force models between nanoparticles in agglomerates, aggregates, and films

Simulation of uniaxial tensile behavior of quasi-brittle materials using softening contact models in DEM

Contact Models sentence examples within Normal Contact Models

Study of a parabolic cylinder elastic-plastic contact model

An energy-conserving contact theory for discrete element modelling of arbitrarily shaped particles: Basic framework and general contact model

Contact Models sentence examples within contact models developed

Design and Calibration of a Tri-Directional Contact Force Measurement System

Nonlinear phenomena of contact in multibody systems dynamics: a review

Multiple peg-in-hole compliant assembly based on a learning-accelerated deep deterministic policy gradient strategy

Hard-material Adhesion: Which Scales of Roughness Matter?

More Contact Models 연락처 모델 sentence examples

Liquid-Bridge Contact Model of Unsaturated Granular Materials and its Application in Discrete-Element Method

More Contact Models 연락처 모델 sentence examples

Modeling Food Particle Systems: A Review of Current Progress and Challenges.

Toward Impact-resilient Quadrotor Design, Collision Characterization and Recovery Control to Sustain Flight after Collisions

In situ, real-time measurements of contact pressure internal to jointed interfaces during dynamic excitation of an assembled structure

More Contact Models 연락처 모델 sentence examples

Mesoscopic creep mechanism of asphalt mixture based on discrete element method

Reduced order modeling for the dynamics of jointed structures through hyper-reduced interface representation

Collisional SPH: A method to model frictional collisions with SPH

Influence of restitution and friction coefficients on the velocity field of polydisperse TiO2 agglomerates in a conical fluidized bed by the adhesive CFD-DEM simulation

Inertia parameter identification of space floating target during robotic exploratory grasping

Numerical Study on Concrete Pumping Behavior via Local Flow Simulation with Discrete Element Method

An analytical model for estimating spalled zone size of rolling element bearing based on dual-impulse time separation

Elastic properties of sands, Part 2: Implementation of contact‐based model to determine the elasticity of the grains from ultrasonic measurements

Mesoscale, Cantilever-Based Indentation Device for Mechanical Characterization of Soft Matter and Biological Tissue

Implementing railway vehicle dynamics simulation in general-purpose multibody simulation software packages

A comparison investigation of the contact models for contact and vibration features of cylindrical roller bearings

On Soft Fingertips for In-Hand Manipulation: Modeling and Implications for Robot Hand Design

Semi-classical Monte Carlo study of the impact of contact geometry and transmissivity on quasi-ballistic nanoscale Si and In0.53Ga0.47As n-channel FinFETs

Nanoindentation Based Colloid Probe Technique: A Unique Opportunity to Study the Mechanical Contact of Individual Micron Sized Particles

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