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Acknowledgement to Reviewers 2018

UTCPredictor: An uncertainty‐aware novel teaching cases predictor

Grammar-based procedural animations for motion graphics

Experimental Analysis of Bent Electric Heaters Using Tube Freeform Bending

Neural Networks-Based PID Precision Motion Control of a Piezo-Actuated Microinjector

Identifying and Validating Java Misconceptions Toward a CS1 Concept Inventory

Calcium hydroxyapatite deposition disease: Imaging features and presentations mimicking other pathologies.

Web-application Security Evaluation as a Service with Cloud Native Environment Support

Permissioned Blockchains and Virtual Nodes for Reinforcing Trust Between Aggregators and Prosumers in Energy Demand Response Scenarios

Revision of automation methods for scan to BIM

Where to go: Computational and visual what-if analyses in soccer

Prediction of S-nitrosylation sites by integrating support vector machines and random forest.

Acknowledgement to our reviewers 2018

Editorial for the Inaugural Issue: Grande Medical Journal (GMJ)

Pap smear classification using combination of global significant value, texture statistical features and time series features

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A Data-Efficient Training Model for Signal Integrity Analysis based on Transfer Learning

Bordering Through Place/s, Difference/s, and Language/s: Intersections of Border and Feminist Theories

Automatic Nuclei Detection in Histopathological Images based on Convolutional Neural Networks

Neural Networks-Based Model Predictive Control for Precision Motion Control of a Micropositioning System

Inter-rater Agreement Between Exposure Assessment Using Automatic Algorithms and Using Experts

Dimensional deviation measurement of ceramic tiles according to ISO 10545-2 using the machine vision

Spectral dimensionality reduction for quantitative analysis of cotton content of blend fabrics

A real-time evaluation method for modification priority of data module in civil aircraft technical publications

Precision public health through clinic-based syndromic surveillance in communities

#IncreaseImpact: Added value for your published article

Chinese Historical Term Translation Pairs Extraction Using Modern Chinese as a Pivot Language

Smart Health in Medical Image Analysis

Gene Mutation Classification Using CNN and BiGRU Network

Modular Indirect Push-Button Formal Verification of Multi-threaded Code Generators

A Highly Selective Fluorescence-Enhanced Probe for the Rapid Detection of SO2 Derivatives and Its Bio-Imaging in Living Cells

Reasoning mechanism: An effective data reduction algorithm for on-line point cloud selective sampling of sculptured surfaces

Uav – virtual migration based on obstacle avoidance model

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Consuming Work 작업 소모

Consuming Work 작업 소모
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