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Zwischen Sinngestaltung und Sinnbewahrung – Aneignungsweisen hochqualifizierter Dienstleistungsarbeit

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Application of Key Technologies for Multi-Terminal Change of Frame-Double Core Tube Super High-Rise Building

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Les zones d’expansion des crues dans le projet urbain : comment gouverner la multifonctionnalité de ces zones humides aux franges des villes ? Le cas de l’île Saint-Aubin (Angers)

L’action publique à l’épreuve des inondations dans la banlieue de Dakar

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Digital twin-based progress monitoring management model through reality capture to extended reality technologies (DRX)

Evolution of Close-Range Detection and Data Acquisition Technologies Towards Automation in Construction Progress Monitoring

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Applications of Remote Sensing Technology in Aerodrome Full Life Cycle Management

Applications of Remote Sensing Technology in Aerodrome Full Life Cycle Management

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Simulation Study on Electromagnetic Response Characteristics of Unfavorable Geological Body Under Complex Conditions

Quality of Construction Works at the Design Phase

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Control and prevention of gas explosion in soft ground tunneling using slurry shield TBM

A load-balancing-oriented symmetrical uneven layout design for thrust system in tunneling machines under composite ground

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A Method for Image Big Data Utilization: Automated Progress Monitoring Based on Image Data for Large Construction Site

Smart Progress Monitoring Framework for Building Construction Elements Using Videography–MATLAB–BIM Integration

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A Survey of Applications With Combined BIM and 3D Laser Scanning in the Life Cycle of Buildings

Toward Building and Civil Infrastructure Reconstruction From Point Clouds: A Review on Data and Key Techniques

Research on the Prediction Model of Shield Advancement Rate in Sandy Cobble Ground of Beijing

Application and Optimization of Project Management in the Process of Construction Engineering Management

Information Management Strategy of Bridge Construction Technology Based on Big Data

The design and construction vision of concrete arch structure using modern technologies

The Construction Scheme Analysis and its Application of the Southern Portal Section of Urban Mountain Large-span Road Tunnel Under Shallow-buried Bias and High Voltage Tower in Zhuhai

Big Data Infrastructure for Marine Environment in the Arctic and Ice Silk Road

Application of UAV Oblique Photogrammetry in Mine Ecological Environment Restoration

Research on Virtual Simulation of Modern Residential Buildings Based on BIM and Two-Dimensional Code Technology

Monitoring of Organizational, Technological and Environmental Solutions in Construction with Blockchain Technologies

Analysis of the elements of the LNG terminal’s location in Dalian Port under the background of carbon neutrality in China

Earth, Wind, and Fire: PACE Plays a Vital ESG Role

Fundamentals and Prospects of Four-Legged Robot Application in Construction Progress Monitoring

In Situ Monitoring and Numerical Experiments on Vertical Deformation Profiles of Large-Scale Underground Caverns in Giant Hydropower Stations

Research on Steel Structure Deeping Design Application Practice

Electromagnetic Response Analysis of Tunnel Full Space 3D Forward Numerical Simulation

Construction of the Primorsky No. 1 and No. 2 International Transport Corridors: Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Policies

HPOF:3D Human Pose Recovery from Monocular Video with Optical Flow

Construction and application of human genetic resources in the China Kadoorie Biobank.

Hybrid 2-D–3-D Deep Residual Attentional Network With Structure Tensor Constraints for Spectral Super-Resolution of RGB Images

Optimization Design of Civil Engineering Construction Schedule Based on Genetic Algorithm

SMAC: Symbiotic Multi-Agent Construction

Application of digital construction whole process monitoring and management technology for airport asphalt pavement

Automation Technology in Equipment Installation Technology and Quality Management

Finite element analysis of island excavation process of foundation pit

Computer Aided Design and Construction Control of Power Communication System

Study on Planning and Design of Rainwater System Based on the Concept of Sponge City

Research on TBM Cutterhead Crack Damage and Fatigue Reliability

Optimal investment and abandonment decisions for projects with construction uncertainty

Indicadores da qualidade para sustentabilidade de obras de edificações: banco de dados e valores de referência

Study of Tunnel-Face to Borehole ERI (TBERI) Measurement Configurations and Its Optimization

Comparison study of Excavation Stability using Different Tunnel Excavation Methods

BIM Application in Steel Structure Engineering for Passenger Terminal and Comprehensive Transfer Center of Beijing New Airport

Development and Application of Quality Control System for Highway Subgrade Construction

Design and construction of composite cut-off system at Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia

Application of cantilever roadheader in tunnel construction

Prediction of Environmental Performance Indicators for Construction Sites Based on Artificial Neural Networks

Smartphone-Based Data Collection System for Repetitive Concrete Temperature Monitoring in High-Rise Building Construction

Study on collapse of steel-reinforced concrete structure caused by self-weight during construction

Automated Generation of Daily Evacuation Paths in 4D BIM

Time-cost optimization model proposal for construction projects with genetic algorithm and fuzzy logic approach

Evaluation Model and Analysis of Lithium Battery Energy Storage Power Stations on Generation Side

Learning from Field Measurements Through Heuristic Back Analysis

A BIM-Based study on the comprehensive benefit analysis for prefabricated building projects in China

Concrete Construction of Flood Discharge and Sand-washing Sluice Bottom Slab of Angu Hydropower Station

Research and Application of Shaft Excavation by Deep Hole One-Time Blasting Technology

Unreliable Information as a Risk Factor for Worse Mental Fatigue among Residents in Fukushima after the Nuclear Power Station Accident.

Study on mechanical properties of a new type of prefabricated GRC mold shell

Research on Cable Crane Lightning Protection for Hydroelectric Power Station Construction

Conflicting Interests: Development Politics and the Environmental Regulation of the Alberta Oil Sands Industry, 1970–1980

The Research on Assistant Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Building Construction

Study on construction schedule optimization of bored pile based on genetic algorithm

A study on overturning failure of horizontally curved single steel box girders

Application of BIM Technology in Calculation of a Residential Building

Application of BIM Technology in the Student Activity Center Project of Qiqihar Medical College

Construction progress visualisation for varied stages of the individual elements with BIM: A case study

Optimizing Strategies of Modern Construction Drawing Design

Optimization Research of Construction Methods and Parameters of Large-span City Coastal Tunnel in Horizontal Layered Rockmass

Les temps retrouvés de l’insertion

Industrialization and housing: Images of Spanish modernization (1953-1981)

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Construction Progress 건설 진행 상황

Construction Progress 건설 진행 상황
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