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Throughput Maximization for Multicore Energy-Harvesting Systems Suffering Both Transient and Permanent Faults

Optimal task execution speed setting and lower bound for delay and energy minimization

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A deadline constrained scheduling algorithm for cloud computing system based on the driver of dynamic essential path

Energy and time constrained scheduling for optimized quality of service

Constrained Task sentence examples within constrained task graph

EATSDCD: A green energy-aware scheduling algorithm for parallel task-based application using clustering, duplication and DVFS technique in cloud datacenters

Optimal Scheduling of PTGs with Multiple Service Levels on Heterogeneous Distributed Systems

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The neural correlates of ideation in product design engineering practitioners

Effects of task constraint on action dynamics

Communication-Aware Scheduling of Precedence-Constrained Tasks

Learning-Based Offloading of Tasks with Diverse Delay Sensitivities for Mobile Edge Computing

Minimizing temperature and energy of real-time applications with precedence constraints on heterogeneous MPSoC systems

A Generalized Parallel Task Model for Recurrent Real-Time Processes

Energy-aware scheduling using slack reclamation for cluster systems

D2D Computation Offloading Optimization for Precedence-Constrained Tasks in Information-Centric IoT

Affinity-Driven Modeling and Scheduling for Makespan Optimization in Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems

Efficient SAT Encodings for Hierarchical Planning

Energy Minimization of Multi-user Latency-constrained Binary Computation Offloading

Informational constraints, option generation, and anticipation

DM2-ECOP: An Efficient Computation Offloading Policy for Multi-user Multi-cloudlet Mobile Edge Computing Environment

Design and Experimental Validation of Tube-based MPC for Timed-constrained Robot Planning

Task Replication for Vehicular Cloud: Contextual Combinatorial Bandit with Delayed Feedback

Telesuit: An Immersive User-Centric Telepresence Control Suit

Telesuit: design and implementation of an immersive user-centric telepresence control suit

Fluid intelligence is related to capacity in memory as well as attention: Evidence from middle childhood and adulthood

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Constrained Task 제한된 작업

Constrained Task 제한된 작업
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