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Constrained Problems sentence examples within Linearly Constrained Problems

Optimality condition and complexity analysis for linearly-constrained optimization without differentiability on the boundary

A pattern search and implicit filtering algorithm for solving linearly constrained minimization problems with noisy objective functions

Constrained Problems sentence examples within Output Constrained Problems

Finite-time adaptive neural control for nonstrict-feedback stochastic nonlinear systems with input delay and output constraints

Fixed-time velocity reconstruction scheme for space teleoperation systems: Exp Barrier Lyapunov Function approach

Constrained Problems sentence examples within Equality Constrained Problems

Nonconvex generalization of Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for nonlinear equality constrained problems

A Golden Ratio Primal-Dual Algorithm for Structured Convex Optimization

Constrained Problems sentence examples within Solving Constrained Problems

A deep learning-based constrained intelligent routing method

Cohort intelligence with self-adaptive penalty function approach hybridized with colliding bodies optimization algorithm for discrete and mixed variable constrained problems

Constrained Problems sentence examples within Transform Constrained Problems

The Multivariate Theory of Connections†

Selected Applications of the Theory of Connections: A Technique for Analytical Constraint Embedding

Constrained Problems sentence examples within Pde Constrained Problems

A-Quasiconvexity, Gårding Inequalities, and Applications in PDE Constrained Problems in Dynamics and Statics

Projected Stochastic Gradients for Convex Constrained Problems in Hilbert Spaces

Constrained Problems sentence examples within Known Constrained Problems

Tribe-charged system search for global optimization

An Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on Multiobjective and Nondominated Solution Replacement Mechanism for Constrained Optimization Problems

Constrained Problems sentence examples within Quadratically Constrained Problems

Comparison of mixed-integer relaxations with linear and logarithmic partitioning schemes for quadratically constrained problems

Quadratic Convex Relaxation based centralized OPF for Multi-Phase Active Distribution Networks

A novel evolutionary optimization algorithm inspired in the intelligent behaviour of the hunter spider

New extremal principles with applications to stochastic and semi-infinite programming

Credible Interdiction for Transmission Systems

An enhanced approach for optimizing mathematical and structural problems by combining PSO, GSA and gradient directions

A New Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm for Solving Real-World Multiobjective CEC-2021 Constrained Optimization Problems: Diversity Analysis and Validations

Convergent upper bounds in global minimization with nonlinear equality constraints

PCA Reduced Gaussian Mixture Models with Applications in Superresolution

An Augmented Lagrangian Decomposition Method for Chance-Constrained Optimization Problems

The Complexity of the Ideal Membership Problem for Constrained Problems Over the Boolean Domain

Differential stability properties in convex scalar and vector optimization

A New Hybrid Three-Term Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Large-Scale Unconstrained Problems

Analysis and Optimization of Energy Consumption in Two-Machine Bernoulli Lines With General Bounds on Machine Efficiency

Demystifying Lie Group Methods for Signal Processing: A Tutorial

On tangential approximations of the solution set of set-valued inclusions

High-Level Motor Planning Assessment During Performance of Complex Action Sequences in Humans and a Humanoid Robot

A Constrained Multi/Many-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm With a Two-Level Balance Scheme

Least-squares solutions of boundary-value problems in hybrid systems

Analyzing a Maximum Principle for Finite Horizon State Constrained Problems via Parametric Examples. Part 2: Problems with Bilateral State Constraints

A domain decomposition method for the Navier–Stokes equations with stochastic input

Analysis of cross-border E-Commerce logistics model based on embedded system and genetic algorithm

Hunger games search: Visions, conception, implementation, deep analysis, perspectives, and towards performance shifts

Rank Constrained Precoding for the Downlink of mmWave Massive MIMO Hybrid Systems

Tree embeddings for hop-constrained network design

Relationship Between Maximum Principle and Dynamic Programming in presence of Intermediate and Final State Constraints

Interval-based stochastic dominance: theoretical framework and application to portfolio choices

Analytically Embedding Differential Equation Constraints into Least Squares Support Vector Machines Using the Theory of Functional Connections

Çok Amaçlı Metasezgisel Optimizasyon Algoritmalarının Performans Karşılaştırması

Visualising and Solving a Maze Using an Artificial Intelligence Technique

Comparisons of different methods for balanced data classification under the discrete non-local total variational framework

An Adaptive Three-Term Conjugate Gradient Method with Sufficient Descent Condition and Conjugacy Condition

New extremal principles with applications to stochastic and semi-infinite programming

Behaviour of Multi-Level Selection Genetic Algorithm (MLSGA) using different individual-level selection mechanisms

Improved Water Cycle Algorithm with Chaotic Levy Distribution Applied to Engineering Problem

A local cooperative approach to solve large-scale constrained optimization problems

Zeroth-Order Stochastic Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Nonconvex Nonsmooth Optimization

Chance-constrained water pumping managing power distribution network constraints

An Advanced Membrane Evolutionary Algorithm for Constrained Engineering Design Problems

CAPSO: A Parallelized Multiobjective Cultural Algorithm Particle Swarm Optimizer

Resource-Constrained Construction Scheduling Using Agent Based Modeling Technique

A Optimization Approach for Consensus in Multi-agent Systems

Comparative assessment of five metaheuristic methods on distinct problems

Multi-heap constraint handling in gray box evolutionary algorithms

Scaled projected-directions methods with application to transmission tomography

Analysis of the (μ/μI, λ)-σ-Self-Adaptation Evolution Strategy with Repair by Projection Applied to a Conically Constrained Problem

An algorithm for binary linear chance-constrained problems using IIS

Multi-objective reliability-based design optimization for the VRB-VCS FLB under front-impact collision

An Adaptive Procedure for the Global Minimization of a Class of Polynomial Functions

Artificial Bee Colony Optimization—Population-Based Meta-Heuristic Swarm Intelligence Technique

Alternating Optimization: Constrained Problems, Adversarial Networks, and Robust Models

Single Seekers Society (SSS): Bringing together heuristic optimization algorithms for solving complex problems

A Multiple Surrogate Assisted Decomposition-Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Expensive Multi/Many-Objective Optimization

Evolutionary Algorithms with Constraint Handling for the Hydroelectric Dispatch Planning

A robust chance constraint programming approach for evacuation planning under uncertain demand distribution

CAM-ADX: A New Genetic Algorithm with Increased Intensification and Diversification for Design Optimization Problems with Real Variables

Nonlocal Neumann volume-constrained problems and their application to local-nonlocal coupling

Preconditioning Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient with Diagonalized Quasi-Newton

Asynchronous parallel primal–dual block coordinate update methods for affinely constrained convex programs

Machine-Learning-Assisted Metasurface Design for High-Efficiency Thermal Emitter Optimization

Investment optimization of grid-scale energy storage for supporting different wind power utilization levels

Do general Genetic Algorithms provide benefits when solving real problems?

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