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Emulation-Based Performance Evaluation of the Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) in Dynamic Network Topologies

Power Aware Reliable Lightweight (PARL) Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks

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An adaptive energy efficient scheme for energy constrained wireless sensor networks

Joint Energy Sustainability and Quality of Service Framework Providing Soft Guarantees for Energy Harvesting Wireless Mesh Networks

Data Manipulation Avoidance Schemes for Distributed Machine Learning

Performance Analysis of Polar Codes for Wireless Sensor Networks

Two patterns in conversion between HTTP2 and CoAP : Request-Reponse and Publish-Subscribe

Analyzing Power Beacon Assisted Multi-Source Transmission Using Markov Chain

An Implementation of CoAP-Based Semantic Resource Directory in Californium

Real-time QoS-aware Routing Scheme in SDN-based Robotic Cyber-Physical Systems

Optimal Multi-Base-Station Selection for Belt-Area Wireless Sensor Networks

Transparent CoAP Services to IoT Endpoints through ICN Operator Networks †

Optimization of DDS for Peer To Peer Communication over a Constrained Network

A Survey on Congestion Control for RPL-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

DC Coefficients Recovery from AC Coefficients in the JPEG Compression Scenario

Location-based trustworthy services recommendation in cooperative-communication-enabled Internet of Vehicles

Mobility-Aware Energy-Efficient Parent Selection Algorithm for Low Power and Lossy Networks

Adaptive service function selection for Network Function Virtualization networking

The case for energy storage installations at high rate EV chargers to enable solar energy integration in the UK – An optimised approach

QoE-based Performance Evaluation of Video Transmission using RPL in the IoMT

Deep Neural Networks Constrained by Decision Rules

A novel opportunistic Fuzzy logic based objective function for the Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks

Energy Consumption Tradeoff for Association-Free Fog-IoT

Rate-Utility Optimized Streaming of Volumetric Media for Augmented Reality

Low-overhead video compression combining partial discrete cosine transform and compressed sensing in WMSNs

Actor-Critic-Algorithm-Based Accurate Spectrum Sensing and Transmission Framework and Energy Conservation in Energy-Constrained Wireless Sensor Network-Based Cognitive Radios

Network-Aware Coordination of Residential Distributed Energy Resources

Random Walkers Coverage Experimentation and Evaluation in Low-Cost Wireless Home Networks

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Constrained Networks 제한된 네트워크

Constrained Networks 제한된 네트워크
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