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Endmembers abundance estimators based on spectral shape similarity using genetic algorithm and generalized pattern search algorithm

Analyzing spatio-temporal characteristics of urban LULC and LST over Shanghai during 2009-2019

Constrained Least Square sentence examples within constrained least square model

Ab-initio Functional Decomposition of Kalman Filter: A Feasibility Analysis on Constrained Least Squares Problems

A novel chemical composition estimation model for cement raw material blending process

Q-Compensated Denoising of Seismic Data

Comparison of Multichannel Signal Deconvolution Algorithms in Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry Based on Wavelet Transform

Comparison of multichannel signal deconvolution algorithms in airborne LiDAR bathymetry based on wavelet transform

An efficient nonmonotone projected Barzilai–Borwein method for nonnegative matrix factorization with extrapolation

A signal detection model for quantifying overregularization in nonlinear image reconstruction.

Regional Assimilation of GPS-Derived TEC into GIMs

A third-order subcell finite volume gas-kinetic scheme for the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations on triangular meshes

Improvement of spatial resolution of medical ultrasound images by constrained least-square method

Design of Integrated Autonomous Driving Control System That Incorporates Chassis Controllers for Improving Path Tracking Performance and Vehicle Stability

An Active Set Trust-Region Method for Bound-Constrained Optimization

Stability analysis of conically perturbed linearly constrained least-squares problems by optimizing the regularized trajectories

Alternating Polynomial Reconstruction Method for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Robust recovery in 1-bit compressive sensing via ℓq-constrained least squares

Dwell Time Algorithm Based on Bounded Constrained Least Squares Under Dynamic Performance Constraints of Machine Tool in Deterministic Optical Finishing

Arbitrary high-order non-oscillatory scheme on hybrid unstructured grids based on multi-moment finite volume method

A Rigorous Observation Model for the Risley Prism-Based Livox Mid-40 Lidar Sensor

Estimation of BRDF model kernel weights under an a priori knowledge-aided constraint

A hybrid channelized Hotelling observer for estimating the ideal linear observer for total-variation-based image reconstruction

GPR-based depth measurement of buried objects based on constrained least-square (CLS) fitting method of reflections

Least-squares reverse-time migration with sparsity constraints

A Robust LCMP Beamformer with Limited Snapshots

Physically constrained data‐driven correction for reduced‐order modeling of fluid flows

Surface Albedo Inversion of FY-3C MERSI Data

A theory of distribution functions of relaxation times for the deconvolution of immittance data

Improved closed-loop subspace identification based on principal component analysis and prior information

Recovery of Binary Sparse Signals With Biased Measurement Matrices

Sensitivity of GNSS-R Delay-Doppler Maps to Wind Direction with a Deconvolution Approach

A Short Note on Meshfree PDE-constrained Optimization using Moving Least Squares

Intensifying the SNR of BOTDA using adaptive constrained least squares filtering

Testing treatment-by-period interaction in four-period crossover trials.

Symbol-Level Precoding for Low Complexity Transmitter Architectures in Large-Scale Antenna Array Systems

Improved Reservoir Delineation in Complex Geological Settings Using CLSSA: a Case Study from Offshore Nova Scotia

Automatic Indoor Reconstruction from Point Clouds in Multi-room Environments with Curved Walls

An Improved Multiobjective Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction

Generalized Attitude Determination with One Dominant Vector Observation

In search of sediment deposits from the Limpopo (Delagoa Bight, southern Africa): Deciphering the catchment provenance of coastal sediments

Constrained least square nonuniform dynamic filter bank for delay and Hardware efficient digital hearing aids

Constraints in estimating the proton density fat fraction.

A New Approach to ARMAX Signals Smoothing: Application to Variable-Q ARMA Filter Design

Relative Constrained SLAM for Robot Navigation

An Improved Flexible Spatiotemporal DAta Fusion (IFSDAF) method for producing high spatiotemporal resolution normalized difference vegetation index time series

Multi-Scale Quantitative Characterization of Pore Distribution Networks in Tight Sandstone by integrating FE-SEM, HPMI, and NMR with the Constrained Least Squares Algorithm

An Inexact Projected Gradient Method for Sparsity-Constrained Quadratic Measurements Regression

A New Method for the Spectral Analysis of Unevenly Sampled Time Series

Vulnerability of Covariate Shift Adaptation Against Malicious Poisoning Attacks

Compensation method of multiple-channel amplitude and phase errors for MIMO imaging radar

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