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Constrained Hardware sentence examples within Resource Constrained Hardware

A novel computing architect in ubiquitous electric IoT

A Survey of Algorithmic and Hardware Optimization Techniques for Vision Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGAs

Constrained Hardware sentence examples within Highly Constrained Hardware

Near Sensor Decision Making via Compressed Measurements for Highly Constrained Hardware

Exploring Hierarchical Machine Learning for Hardware-Limited Multi-Class Inference on Compressed Measurements

Constrained Hardware sentence examples within constrained hardware platform

Open-Source Heterogeneous Constrained Edge-Computing Platform for Smart Grid Measurements

SNAP: An Efficient Sparse Neural Acceleration Processor for Unstructured Sparse Deep Neural Network Inference

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Constrained Hardware sentence examples within constrained hardware resource

Complexity analysis and hardware implementation of extensible modulo addition for lightweight block cipher in Internet of Things (IOT)

Dynamic Inference Approach Based on Rules Engine in Intelligent Edge Computing for Building Environment Control

Constrained Hardware sentence examples within constrained hardware device

On the Reliability Assessment of Artificial Neural Networks Running on AI-Oriented MPSoCs

Weak sub-network pruning for strong and efficient neural networks.

Constrained Hardware sentence examples within constrained hardware scenario

On Machine-Learning Morphological Image Operators

Object Detection under Constrained Hardware Scenarios: A Comparative Study of Reduced Convolutional Network Architectures

Constrained Hardware sentence examples within constrained hardware environment

Compact Bit-Parallel Systolic Multiplier Over GF(2m)

RT-CASEs: Container-Based Virtualization for Temporally Separated Mixed-Criticality Task Sets

Charge Based Power Side-Channel Attack Methodology for an Adiabatic Cipher

Optimal Power Management for Energy Harvesting Systems with A Backup Power Source

Resilient Collision-tolerant Navigation in Confined Environments

Considerations in the Deployment of Machine Learning Algorithms on Spaceflight Hardware

HFP: Hardware-Aware Filter Pruning for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Acceleration

Learning-Based Bias Correction for Time Difference of Arrival Ultra-Wideband Localization of Resource-Constrained Mobile Robots

Real-Time Human Pose Estimation on a Smart Walker using Convolutional Neural Networks

Spiking networks for improved cognitive abilities of edge computing devices

Visual Place Recognition for Aerial Robotics: Exploring Accuracy-Computation Trade-off for Local Image Descriptors

Real-time proximal gradient method for embedded linear MPC

Low-precision CNN Model Quantization based on Optimal Scaling Factor Estimation

Exploiting Weight-Level Sparsity in Channel Pruning with Low-Rank Approximation

Clock Frequency Impact on the Performance of High-Security Cryptographic Cipher Suites for Energy-Efficient Resource-Constrained IoT Devices †

Data-Flow Graph Mapping Optimization for CGRA With Deep Reinforcement Learning

A Quality Attribute-based Evaluation of Time-series Databases for Edge-centric Architectures

Constrained Hardware 제한된 하드웨어

Constrained Hardware 제한된 하드웨어
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