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Constrained Environment sentence examples within Resource Constrained Environment

Fetal Congenital Anomalies in Africa: Diagnostic and Management Challenges

Budget constrained machine learning for early prediction of adverse outcomes for COVID-19 patients

Constrained Environment sentence examples within Highly Constrained Environment

A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Approach to Professional Course Timetabling: A Real-World Case Study

Drones in Firefighting: A User-Centered Design Perspective

Constrained Environment sentence examples within Les Constrained Environment

Exploring underlying drivers of genotype by environment interactions in feed efficiency traits for dairy cattle with a mechanistic model involving energy acquisition and allocation.

Fragile Bits in Off-angle Iris Recognition

Constrained Environment sentence examples within Different Constrained Environment

Recommendations for the selection of in situ measurement techniques for radiological characterization in nuclear/radiological installations under decommissioning and dismantling processes

Optimization of Cropping Patterns Using Elitist-Jaya and Elitist-TLBO Algorithms

Constrained Environment sentence examples within Fiscally Constrained Environment

Selection and Implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems for Work Zone Construction Projects

Cost-Effectiveness of Multifaceted Built Environment Interventions for Reducing Transmission of Pathogenic Bacteria in Healthcare Facilities

Constrained Environment sentence examples within Power Constrained Environment

Adaptive Preference-Aware Co-Location for Improving Resource Utilization of Power Constrained Datacenters

A Lightweight Error-Resiliency Mechanism for Deep Neural Networks

Constrained Environment sentence examples within Spatially Constrained Environment

Flight Test Validation of Adaptive Collision Avoidance Algorithms Using Multiple Unmanned Aircraft

Spatial Temporal Denoised Thermal Source Separation in Images of Compact Pulsed Thermography System for Qualification of Additively Manufactured Metals

Constrained Environment sentence examples within Computationally Constrained Environment

Deep Learning–Based Multimodal Data Fusion: Case Study in Food Intake Episodes Detection Using Wearable Sensors

Planospheric camera model

Constrained Environment sentence examples within Financially Constrained Environment

Financial Distress and Fiscal Inflation

Financial distress and fiscal inflation

Experience of outreach in a resource-constrained environment: 10 years of outcomes in burn care.

Learning-based simulation and modeling of unorganized chaining behavior using data generated from 3D human motion tracking

Illumination normalization techniques for makeup-invariant face recognition

An End-to-end Framework for Unconstrained Monocular 3D Hand Pose Estimation

Role of Feedback on Innovative Outcomes: Moderating Role of Resource-Constrained Environments

Simulation debriefing: a perspective from emergency medical care students at three South African Higher Education Institutions

Implementing Ant Colony Optimization on Evolution Obstacle for Scheduling a Software Project

Effectiveness of clinical criteria in directing patient flow from the emergency department to a medical assessment unit in Queensland, Australia: a retrospective chart review of hospital administrative data

NL-CNN: A Resources-Constrained Deep Learning Model based on Nonlinear Convolution

Remote Gait Type Classification System Using Markerless 2D Video

Strengthening Teacher Mentoring and Monitoring Systems

Use of the Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm with CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (COSE)

Reducing Cognitive Workload in Telepresence Lunar - Martian Environments Through Audiovisual Feedback in Augmented Reality

Label-Free Investigations on the G Protein Dependent Signaling Pathways of Histamine Receptors

Design, Modelling and Validation of a Novel Extra Slender Continuum Robot for In-situ Inspection and Repair in Aeroengine

Collision Avoidance in Tightly-Constrained Environments without Coordination: a Hierarchical Control Approach

How Close is Too Close? Saving Undrillable Slots Through Top-Hole Jetting and Drilling in Al-Shaheen Field, Offshore Qatar

Combining Appearance and Gradient Information for Image Symmetry Detection

MVFNet: A multi-view fusion network for pain intensity assessment in unconstrained environment

An automated and efficient convolutional architecture for disguise-invariant face recognition using noise-based data augmentation and deep transfer learning

A weighted exponential discriminant analysis through side-information for face and kinship verification using statistical binarized image features

An effective face recognition method using guided image filter and convolutional neural network

Don’t Let a Crisis Go to Waste

Multi-Attribute Regression Network for Face Reconstruction

RVO: Unleashing SSD’s Parallelism by Harnessing the Unused Power

A Feasible Molecular Diagnostic Strategy for Rare Genetic Disorders Within Resource- Constrained Environments

Radar Voxel Fusion for 3D Object Detection

Factors Associated with Microalbuminuria amongst Older Patients with Hypertension Attending a Geriatric Clinic in Nigeria

Deep Full-Body HPE for Activity Recognition from RGB Frames Only

Towards Development of an ISFET-Based Smart pH Sensor: Enabling Machine Learning for Drift Compensation in IoT Applications

Quality-based Representation for Unconstrained Face Recognition

Linking R&D Inventors’ Social Skills and Bricolage to R&D Performance in Resource Constrained Environments in Emerging Markets

Activity, Plan, and Goal Recognition: A Review

Context-aware Model Selection for On-Device Object Detection

Towards Lower Precision Quantization for Pedestrian Detection in Crowded Scenario

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