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A reinforcement learning based multi-method approach for stochastic resource constrained project scheduling problems

Optimal scheduling for microgrids with hydrogen fueling stations considering uncertainty using data-driven approach

A Geometrically-Constrained Deep Network For Ct Image Segmentation

Inversion of Magnetic Data Acquired with a Rotary-Wing Unmanned Aircraft System for Gold Exploration

Distributed generator-based distribution system service restoration strategy and model-free control methods

A Unified Mathematical Model for Stochastic Data Envelopment Analysis

A classification framework for carbon tax revenue use

Water footprint and consumption of hydropower from basin-constrained water mass balance

Learning sparse deep neural networks using efficient structured projections on convex constraints for green AI

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Automatic Object Extraction from Airborne Laser Scanning Point Clouds for Digital Base Map Production

Coordinated operation and expansion planning for multiple microgrids and active distribution networks under uncertainties

DeepOPF-V: Solving AC-OPF Problems Efficiently

Network-Constrained Optimal Scheduling of Multi-Carrier Residential Energy Systems: A Chance-Constrained Approach

Fast Wasserstein-Distance-Based Distributionally Robust Chance-Constrained Power Dispatch for Multi-Zone HVAC Systems

Liquidity-constrained index tracking optimization models

Comprehensive stereotype content dictionaries using a semi‐automated method

Constrained shell finite element method of modal buckling analysis for thin-walled members with curved cross-sections

Convertible and Constrained Nucleotides: The 2’-Deoxyribose 5’-C-Functionalization Approach, a French Touch

Seismic diffraction separation in the near surface: Detection of high-contrast voids in unconsolidated soils

Resilient Filtering for Nonlinear Complex Networks With Multiplicative Noise

A bi-objective model for the single-machine scheduling problem with rejection cost and total tardiness minimization

Surface Drilling Data for Constrained Hydraulic Fracturing and Fast Reservoir Simulation of Unconventional Wells

Testing the Structure of a Gaussian Graphical Model With Reduced Transmissions in a Distributed Setting

Optimal Joint Modulation Classification and Symbol Decoding

Almost Robust Discrete Optimization

Resilient State Estimation for 2-D Time-Varying Systems With Redundant Channels: A Variance-Constrained Approach

Social-IQ: A Question Answering Benchmark for Artificial Social Intelligence

Optimal black start strategy for microgrids considering the uncertainty using a data-driven chance constrained approach

A Litho-Constrain Approach for Gravity Data Analysis at Gerolekas Bauxite Mining Area

A General-Purpose Algorithm for Constrained Sequential Inference

Topology optimization of stress-constrained structural elements using risk-factor approach

Structural evolution of a triclinic‐type transpressional high strain zone and its role in exhuming the root of the Paleoproterozoic Trans‐North China Orogen

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