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Constrained Application sentence examples within web transfer protocol

Hardware and Software Framework for Controlling and Monitoring IoT Appliances

An Overview of Security in CoAP: Attack and Analysis

Constrained Application sentence examples within Resource Constrained Application

LFSR-Based Bit-Serial GF(2m) Multipliers Using Irreducible Trinomials

Comprehensive Study of Routing and Clustering Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Constrained Application sentence examples within Time Constrained Application

Next Generation Noise and Affine Invariant Video Watermarking Scheme Using Harris Feature Extraction

Computing Coding Solutions for Opportunistic Network Coding Used in Wireless Mesh Networks

Constrained Application sentence examples within Energy Constrained Application

PROLEMus: A Proactive Learning-Based MAC Protocol Against PUEA and SSDF Attacks in Energy Constrained Cognitive Radio Networks

Ultra-Low-Energy DSP Processor Design for Many-Core Parallel Applications

Constrained Application sentence examples within Bandwidth Constrained Application

Towards an Adaptive Multi-Modal Traffic Analytics Framework at the Edge

A Comparison of Compression Codecs for Maritime and Sonar Images in Bandwidth Constrained Applications

Constrained Application sentence examples within Latency Constrained Application

Intrusion Detection for Cyber–Physical Systems Using Generative Adversarial Networks in Fog Environment

Serving deep neural networks at the cloud edge for vision applications on mobile platforms

Constrained Application sentence examples within constrained application protocol

The Impact of Networking Protocols on Massive M2M Communication in the Industrial IoT

A Survey of Application Layer Protocols for Internet of Things

Constrained Application sentence examples within constrained application scenario

Pruning by Explaining: A Novel Criterion for Deep Neural Network Pruning

Real-Time Performance Evaluation for Robotics

Constrained Application sentence examples within constrained application layer

A proposal for bridging application layer protocols to HTTP on IoT solutions

RPL And COAP Protocols, Experimental Analysis for IOT: A Case Study

Exploiting Motion Perception in Depth Estimation Through a Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network

Machine Learning: A Catalyst for THz Wireless Networks

A Reinforcement-Learning-Based Energy-Efficient Framework for Multi-Task Video Analytics Pipeline

Continuous-Time Programming of Floating-Gate Transistors for Nonvolatile Analog Memory Arrays

Impact of temperature on analog/RF, linearity and reliability performance metrics of tunnel FET with ultra-thin source region

A Shallow Neural Network for Real-Time Embedded Machine Learning for Tensorial Tactile Data Processing

Neural Network Training With Stochastic Hardware Models and Software Abstractions

A 1.25W 46.5%-Peak-Efficiency Transformer-in-Package Isolated DC-DC Converter Using Glass-Based Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging Achieving 50mW/mm2 Power Density

Design Optimization of a Synchronous Reluctance Machine for High-Performance Applications

Performance investigation of LAMBDA and bootstrapping methods for PPP narrow-lane ambiguity resolution

Two Efficient Constructions for Biometric-Based Signature in Identity-Based Setting Using Bilinear Pairings

Power Yoga: Variable-Stretch Security of CCM for Energy-Efficient Lightweight IoT

AREEBA: An Area Efficient Binary Huff-Curve ARchitecture

Side-channel Resistant Implementations of a Novel Lightweight Authenticated Cipher with Application to Hardware Security

Set-Based Obfuscation for Strong PUFs Against Machine Learning Attacks

A 28nm Configurable Asynchronous SNN Accelerator with Energy-Efficient Learning

Dynamic Event-triggered Control and Estimation: A Survey

Small pixel MWIR sensors for low SWaP applications

A markerless platform for ambulatory systems neuroscience

Sentinel-1 A-DInSAR Approaches to Map and Monitor Ground Displacements

Real-Time Information-Theoretic Exploration with Gaussian Mixture Model Maps

Plasma Planar Helical Antenna

An Efficient Fault-Tolerant Scheduling Approach with Energy Minimization for Hard Real-Time Embedded Systems

Deterministic Dynamic Networks (DDN)

Integer-Value Encoding for Approximate On-Chip Communication

An Analog Design of 2D DCT Processor

Experimental demonstration of multi-watt wireless power transmission to ferrite-core receivers at 6.78 MHz

An algorithm for sink positioning in bus-assisted smart city sensing

Effects of Proton-Induced Radiation Damage on CLYC and CLLBC Performance

In-Memory Computing: Advances and prospects

Ultra-Low Voltage Microcontrollers

Practical fault resilient hardware implementations of AES

A Randomized Low Latency Resource Sharing Algorithm for Fog Computing

Hardware Constructions for Error Detection of Number-Theoretic Transform Utilized in Secure Cryptographic Architectures

A Framework for Real-Time Face-Recognition

Organic Rankine cycle systems for engine waste-heat recovery: Heat exchanger design in space-constrained applications

Broadband Single-Layered, Single-Sided Flexible Linear-to-Circular Polarizer Using Square Loop Array for S-Band Pico-Satellites

End-to-End Performance Analysis of Delay-Sensitive Multi-Relay Networks

A real-time Monte Carlo tool for individualized dose estimations in clinical CT.

Face Detection in Camera Captured Images of Identity Documents Under Challenging Conditions

Simplex FastICA: An Accelerated and Low Complex Architecture Design Methodology for $n$ D FastICA

Ultra Slim Optical Zoom System Using Alvarez Freeform Lenses

A Quad-Channel 11-bit 1-GS/s 40-mW Collaborative ADC Enabling Digital Beamforming for 5G Wireless

Sequence stratigraphy of the mixed wave-tidal-dominated Mesoproterozoic sedimentary succession in Chapada Diamantina Basin, Espinhaço supergroup– Ne/Brazil

Parallel Offloading in Green and Sustainable Mobile Edge Computing for Delay-Constrained IoT System

Energy-Efficient Intra-Task DVFS Scheduling Using Linear Programming Formulation

Experimental Study on Multiple Face Detection with Depth and Skin Color

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