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Consolidation Process sentence examples within long term memory

Mechanisms of systems memory consolidation during sleep

Sleep Deprivation Enhances False Memory on the Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) Task

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Memory Consolidation Process

Inhibition of PDE2 and PDE4 synergistically improves memory consolidation processes

Mechanisms underlying memory enhancement for disgust over fear

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Land Consolidation Process

Geospatial database use for land consolidation objectives in Ukraine

The evaluation of agricultural landowner inputs before and after land consolidation: The Kesik Village example

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Bone Consolidation Process

Proximal Extra-articular Tibial Fractures Associated with Soft-tissue Impairment in Geriatric Patients: Definitive Treatment by Hybrid External Fixation

Definición geométrica de andamios metálicos para posibles aplicaciones en ingeniería de tejidos

Consolidation Process sentence examples within System Consolidation Process

Adolescent female rats undergo full systems consolidation of an aversive memory, while males of the same age fail to discriminate contexts

Noradrenergic arousal after encoding reverses the course of systems consolidation in humans.

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Powder Consolidation Process

Particle size effects on dislocation density, microstructure, and phase transformation for high-entropy alloy powders

In-situ TEM investigations on temperature-induced structural transition from monoclinic-to-cubic phase of ball-milled yttria

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Offline Consolidation Process

Prefrontal stimulation prior to motor sequence learning alters multivoxel patterns in the striatum and the hippocampus

Optimistic amnesia: how online and offline processing shape belief updating and memory biases in immediate and long-term optimism biases

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Dependent Consolidation Process

Training at asymptote stabilizes motor memories by reducing intracortical excitation

Does sleep-dependent consolidation favour weak memories?

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Early Consolidation Process

Higher post-encoding cortisol benefits the selective consolidation of emotional aspects of memory

Post-Encoding Amygdala-Visuosensory Coupling Is Associated with Negative Memory Bias in Healthy Young Adults

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Subsequent Consolidation Process

SHS-Derived Powders by Reactions’ Coupling as Primary Products for Subsequent Consolidation

Critical Dynamics Mediate Learning of New Distributed Memory Representations in Neuronal Networks

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Outstanding Consolidation Process

Perspectivas latinoamericanas sobre el rol de los profesionales de la comunicación organizacional y las relaciones públicas

Latin American perspectives on the role of professionals in organizational communication and public relations

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Electrical Consolidation Process

Consolidation of Titanium Powder by Electrical Resistance Sintering: Practice and Simulation

Analysis of the coupled electro-osmotic and mechanical consolidation in clayey soils

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Soil Consolidation Process

Two-Dimensional Electroosmotic Consolidation Theory of Nonlinear Soil Voltage Distribution Characteristics

Performance of a test embankment on very soft clayey soil improved with drain-to-drain vacuum preloading technology

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Ultrasonic Consolidation Process

Ultrasonic Consolidation Post-Treatment of CuNi:Cr3C2-NiCr Composite Cold Spray Coatings: A Mechanical and Microstructure Assessment

Microstructure and mechanical properties of amorphous strip/aluminum laminated composites fabricated by ultrasonic additive consolidation

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Different Consolidation Process

On the influence of glass fiber mat on the mixed-mode fracture of composite-to-metal bonded joints

Effects of defects on laminate quality and mechanical performance in thermoplastic Automated Fiber Placement-based process chains

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Thermal Consolidation Process

Unsaturated thermal consolidation around a heat source

General Synthesis Approach for Hierarchically Porous Materials via ReverseMicroemulsion System

Consolidation Process sentence examples within Late Consolidation Process

Accelerated forgetting in temporal lobe epilepsy: When does it occur?

Attentional blink suppresses both stimulus-driven and representation-driven cross-modal spread of attention.

Consolidation Process sentence examples within consolidation process would

Pharmacological Interventions on The Dopamine Motivation System Effectively Disturbed Cue-Induced Memory Reconsolidation Cocaine-Seeking Behavior for Rats

Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Different Taxonomic Groups: Possible Functional Similarities and Striking Controversies

Mechanisms of Memory Updating: State Dependency vs. Reconsolidation

Metal-Ceramic Beads Based on Niobium and Alumina Produced by Alginate Gelation

Measuring the effectiveness of land consolidation: An economic approach based on selected case studies from Poland

Uma história da Formação de Professores de Matemática na Universidade Federal de Rondônia – UNIR, em Ji-Paraná (1988-2012)

Current and novel pharmacological therapeutic approaches in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. A brief review

Bone substitutes and photobiomodulation in bone regeneration: A systematic review in animal experimental studies.

Neural substrates of propranolol-induced impairments in the reconsolidation of nicotine-associated memories in smokers

Quantifying inter- and intra-ply shear in the deformation of uncured composite laminates

Early bone ingrowth and segmental stability of a trussed titanium cage versus a polyether ether ketone cage in an ovine lumbar interbody fusion model.

Proton receptors regulate synapse-specific reconsolidation in the amygdala

Mechanical Performance of the Phosphogypsum Baking-free Bricks

Critical role of hippocampal muscarinic acetylcholine receptors on memory reconsolidation in mice

Semi-analytical solutions for two-dimensional plane strain consolidation of layered unsaturated soil

Digitalisation of Creative Industries Fostered by Collaborative Governance: Public Innovation Labs in Gipuzkoa

The Formation and Elastic Behavior of TiNi Intermetallic Sintered From a TiH2–Ni Powder Mixture

Role of prediction error and the cholinergic system on memory reconsolidation processes in mice

Analysis of elastic viscoplastic consolidation of sand drain foundations with exponential seepages

Overview of current design and analysis of potential theories for automated fibre placement mechanisms

La educación militar en tiempos de guerra. Los orígenes del Colegio Militar de la Nación (Argentina, 1869-1880)

Medial Prefrontal Cortex Has a Causal Role in Selectively Enhanced Consolidation of Emotional Memories after a 24-Hour Delay: A TBS Study


Post-Cyclic Mechanical Behaviors of Undisturbed Soft Clay with Different Degrees of Reconsolidation

Navigating the Global Protein-Protein Interaction Landscape Using iRefWeb.

MBDA’s Industrial Model and European Defence

Microstructure and defects in a Ni-Cr-Al-Ti γ/γ’ model superalloy processed by laser powder bed fusion

Suppressing the Morning Cortisol Rise After Memory Reactivation at 4 A.M. enhances Episodic Memory Reconsolidation in Humans

Study on the micro-mechanism and structure of unsaturated polyester resin modified concrete for bridge deck pavement

Numerical method for the triaxial test of granular materials based on computational contact mechanics


Perineuronal nets protect long-term memory by limiting activity-dependent inhibition from parvalbumin interneurons

Linguistic support for the formation of a consolidated information resource of social memory institutions

Effect of vacuum removal on consolidation settlement under a combined vacuum and surcharge preloading

Spatiotemporal patterns of transcranial electrical stimulation can strengthen the metamemory of individual episodic memories in humans


Using matrix-based rationalized Haar wavelet method for solving consolidation equation

Effect of self-weight consolidation on a hydro-sedimentological model for the Río de la Plata estuary

Homogenization and Localization of Ratcheting Behavior of Composite Materials and Structures with the Thermal Residual Stress Effect

Nanocrystalline NiAl intermetallic alloy with high hardness produced by mechanical alloying and hot-pressing consolidation

Polish versus European banking sector − characteristics, consolidation, ownership changes

Mergers in higher education institutions: a proposal of a novel conceptual model

Morphine administered post-trial can induce potent conditioned morphine effects

A practical method for the ex-ante evaluation of land consolidation initiatives: Fully connected parcels with the same value

Place-Making through the Creation of Common Spaces in Lima’s Self-Built Settlements: El Ermitaño and Pampa de Cueva as Case Studies for a Regional Urbanization Strategy

Distinct subcellular changes in proteasome activity and linkage-specific protein polyubiquitination in the amygdala during the consolidation and reconsolidation of a fear memory

Influence of Crumb Rubber Reinforcement on the Properties of Medium Density Fiberboard

Experimental analysis of the effect of electrokinetic treatment of soils

Seismic damage of gravity abutment in liquefied ground

Retrieval of retrained and reconsolidated memories are associated with a distinct neural network

Towards the combination of automated lay-up and stamp forming for consolidation of tailored composite components

Resilience and Vulnerability to Trauma: Early Life Interventions Modulate Aversive Memory Reconsolidation in the Dorsal Hippocampus

Physikalische Verfahren mit Einfluss auf die Knochenheilung

Layerless Additive Manufacturing of Metal Alloy Lattices Using Immiscible-Interface Assisted Direct Metal Drawing

Accelerated forgetting and verbal memory consolidation process in idiopathic nondement Parkinson’s disease

Mechanical and Physical Effects of Electroosmotic Dewatering of Clayey Soils

Morphogenesis and quantification of the pore space in a tephra-palaeosol sequence in Tlaxcala, central Mexico

Geotechnical performance of sandy bricks made with fine aggregates of sand dunes, Saudi Arabia

Deconstructing Procedural Memory: Different Learning Trajectories and Consolidation of Sequence and Statistical Learning


Contextual priming of word meanings is stabilized over sleep

Uniformly dispersed Y2O3 nanoparticles in nanocrystalline copper matrix via multi-step ball milling and reduction process

Integrating route optimisation with vehicle and unloading dock scheduling in LCL cargo collection

[Physical treatment options with impact on bone healing].

Ethanol withdrawal limits fear memory reactivation-induced molecular events associated with destabilization phase: Influence of d-cycloserine

Thalamo-Cortical White Matter Underlies Motor Memory Consolidation via Modulation of Sleep Spindles in Young and Older Adults

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