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A linearly implicit structure-preserving scheme for the fractional sine-Gordon equation based on the IEQ approach

Maximum-norm error analysis of a conservative scheme for the damped nonlinear fractional Schrödinger equation

A linearized energy–conservative finite element method for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with wave operator

Path Conservative WENO Schemes and Riemann Solvers for Continuum Mechanics

Path-conservative central-upwind schemes for nonconservative hyperbolic systems

Numerical study of MHD mixed convection under volumetric heat source in vertical square duct with wall effects

Simulation of supercritical Diesel jets using the PC-SAFT EoS

Numerical study of a single droplet falling through a nonuniform horizontal magnetic field with a constant gradient

Local Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the $$\mu $$μ-Camassa–Holm and $$\mu $$μ-Degasperis–Procesi Equations

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Effects of magnetohydrodynamic mixed convection on fluid flow and structural stresses in the DCLL blanket

A conservative scheme for simulation of free-surface turbulent and wave flows

Extension of Tensor-Product Generalized and Dense-Norm Summation-by-Parts Operators to Curvilinear Coordinates

Gyrokinetic simulations of nonlinear interactions between magnetic islands and microturbulence

Flood propagation modelling with the Local Inertia Approximation: theoretical and numerical analysis

A fully implicit, conservative, non-linear, electromagnetic hybrid particle-ion/fluid-electron algorithm

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Conservative Scheme 보수적인 계획

Conservative Scheme 보수적인 계획
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