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Consecutive Single sentence examples within retrospective cohort study

Decrease in the incidence of threatened preterm labor after implementation of transvaginal ultrasound cervical length universal screening

Vaginal lactoferrin in prevention of preterm birth in women with bacterial vaginosis.

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An Analysis of China’s Onshore and Offshore Exchange Rates—Adjusted Thermal Optimal Path Approach Based on Pruning and Path Segmentation

A novel algorithm for estimating the relative rotation angle of solar azimuth through single-pixel rings from polar coordinate transformation for imaging polarization navigation sensors

Consecutive Single sentence examples within consecutive single surgeon

Two-stage revisions of infected hip replacements: Subspecialisation and patient-reported outcome measures.

10-year results of ReCap hip resurfacing arthroplasty: a non-designer case series

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Postpartum hemorrhage: not only hypertensive disorders in oocyte donation pregnancies.

Fetal brain hemodynamics in pregnancies at term: correlation with gestational age, birthweight and clinical outcome

Maternal factors associated with neonatal vitamin D deficiency

NFL is a marker of treatment response in children with SMA treated with nusinersen

Preterm Birth, Low Gestational Age, Low Birth Weight, Parity, and Other Determinants of Breech Presentation: Results from a Large Retrospective Population-Based Study

Predictors of Caesarean Delivery in Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes

Association between interpregnancy interval and adverse birth outcomes in women with a previous stillbirth: an international cohort study

The duration of the interpregnancy interval in multiparous women and maternal weight gain between pregnancies: findings from a UK population-based cohort

Role of Doppler ultrasound in predicting perinatal outcome in pregnancies complicated by late-onset fetal growth restriction at the time of diagnosis: a prospective cohort study.

Antepartum ultrasound prediction of failed vacuum-assisted operative delivery: a prospective cohort study.

How People Browse Mobile News Feed? A Study for Mobile News Feed Design

Ethnic differences in postmaturity syndrome in newborns. Reflections on different durations of gestation.

Augmented Reality in Transsphenoidal Surgery.

Ideal timing of indwelling catheter removal after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy with a running barbed suture technique: a prospective analysis of 425 consecutive patients

Minimally-Invasive midline posterior interbody fusion with cortical bone trajectory screws compares favorably to traditional open transforaminal interbody fusion

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Consecutive Single 연속 싱글

Consecutive Single 연속 싱글
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