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Multi-State Reconfigurable Manufacturing System Configuration Design with Availability Consideration

Leakage flow analysis in the gas turbine shroud gap

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Incremental vibrational configuration interaction theory, iVCI: Implementation and benchmark calculations.

All-Atom Quantum Mechanical Calculation of the Second-Harmonic Generation of Fluorescent Proteins.

Cuttlefish: Neural Configuration Adaptation for Video Analysis in Live Augmented Reality

Further Development of iCIPT2 for Strongly Correlated Electrons.


Reconfiguration of large-scale systems using back-up components

Solid-gas thermochemical energy storage strategies for concentrating solar power: Optimization and system analysis

Evaluation and Comparison of Hybrid Wing VTOL UAV with Four Different Electric Propulsion Systems

Adaptive Configuration Selection and Bandwidth Allocation for Edge-Based Video Analytics

Thermodynamic comparison of modified Rankine cycle configurations for LNG cold energy recovery under different working conditions

Optimal sequencing of part families and configuration selection for process improvement in reconfigurable manufacturing system

AutoNE: Hyperparameter Optimization for Massive Network Embedding

Open-source industrial-scale module simulation: Paving the way towards the right configuration choice for membrane distillation

Vertex configuration rules to grow an octagonal Ammann–Beenker tiling

Geometric error based Configuration order selection for precision improvement in multi-axis motion system

Design and Verification of A Portable Master Manipulator Based on an Effective Workspace Analysis Framework

Multiple Modeling and Fuzzy Switching Control of Fixed-Wing VTOL Tilt-Rotor UAV

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Configuration Selection 구성 선택

Configuration Selection 구성 선택
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