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Successful Reduction in Electrode-Related Pressure Ulcers During EEG Monitoring in Critically Ill Neonates

Effects of the aspect ratio of the conductive agent on the kinetic properties of lithium ion batteries

Vertical [email protected] Fiber Covered with MnO₂ Flower-Like Nanostructures via Electrodeposition for High-Performance Supercapacitors.

Solvothermal synthesis of flower-like structure Cu-Mn bimetallic sulfide on Ni-foam for high-performance symmetric supercapacitors

Solid-state energy storage devices based on two-dimensional nano-materials

A facile and versatile strategy towards high-performance Si anodes for Li-ion capacitors: Concomitant conductive network construction and dual-interfacial engineering

Thermogravimetric Evolved Gas Analysis and Microscopic Elemental Mapping of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase on Silicon Incorporated in Free-Standing Porous Carbon Electrodes.

Nanopores created by carbon onion conductive agent providing enhanced capacitance in supercapacitors

Freestanding 3D nanoporous [email protected] Cu2O nanowire heterostructures: from a facile one-step protocol to robust application in Li storage

A synergetic strategy for an advanced electrode with Fe3O4 embedded in a 3D N-doped porous graphene framework and a strong adhesive binder for lithium/potassium ion batteries with an ultralong cycle lifespan

Epoxy–PCM Composites with Nanocarbons or Multidimensional Boron Nitride as Heat Flow Enhancers

Double-walled carbon nanotubes, a performing additive to enhance capacity retention of antimony anode in potassium-ion batteries

Review of Electrically Conductive Composites and Films Containing Cellulosic Fibers or Nanocellulose

Fe3C-doped asymmetric porous carbon membrane binder-free integrated materials as high performance anodes of lithium-ion batteries

ZnCo2O4 nanoflakes loaded on a Cu-supported Fe2O3-C network as an integrated lithium-ion battery anode

Electrode structural changes and their effects on capacitance performance during preparation and charge-discharge processes

Nanocarbons in Li-Ion Batteries

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Conductive Agents 전도성 에이전트

Conductive Agents 전도성 에이전트
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