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The effect of diet and covering fully slatted concrete floors with rubber strips on the intake, performance and cleanliness of dairy-origin bulls.

Effects of an individual cow concentrate strategy on production and behavior.

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Effect of the amount of concentrate offered in an automated milking system on dry matter intake, milk yield, milk composition, ruminal digestion, and behavior of primiparous Holstein cows fed isocaloric diets.

Effects of concentrate location on the behavior and production of dairy cows milked in a free-traffic automated milking system.

Is low-input dairy farming more climate friendly? A meta-analysis of the carbon footprints of different production systems

Feeding practices of dairy cows in Algeria: Characterization, typology, and impact on milk production and fertility

Short communication: Performance, intestinal permeability, and metabolic profile of calves fed a milk replacer supplemented with glutamic acid.

Herbage dry matter intake estimation of grazing dairy cows based on animal, behavioral, environmental, and feed variables.

Effect of diet composition on dry matter intake of dairy she-camels

Behaviour and welfare of fattening lambs supplemented with varying sizes and types of straw.

Citrus aurantium flavonoid extract improves concentrate efficiency, animal behavior, and reduces rumen inflammation of Holstein bulls fed high-concentrate diets

Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of West African Dwarf Bucks Fed Different Forms of Processed Guinea Grass (Panicum Maximum)

Associations between motion activity, ketosis risk and estrus behavior in dairy cattle.

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Concentrate Intake 집중 섭취

Concentrate Intake 집중 섭취
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