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Poster: A Participatory Workshop to Design Vibrothermal Haptics of a Smart Fidget Surface for Remote Workers

Immediate effects of real-time postural biofeedback on spinal posture, muscle activity, and perceived pain severity in adults with neck pain.

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The Effect of an Orthotic Device for Balancing Neck Muscles During Daily Office Tasks

Mobile Device Security: Corporate-Owned Personally-Enabled (COPE)

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Shape-Changing Break Reminders for People with Repetitive Strain Injury

Trapezius muscle activity variation during computer work performed by individuals with and without neck-shoulder pain.

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Reliability testing, noise and error correction of real quantum computing devices

The Quantum Shor Algorithm Simulated on FPGA

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Human digital modeling and RULA analysis for an office chair user in computer work environment – A case study in Indian context

Representative Days for Expansion Decisions in Power Systems

[Virtual palliative care : Pilot study of an electronic tool to test cognitive, psychomotor and affective palliative medical and pain therapeutic learning contents during medical training].

Lesson 2

Detecting forward leaning posture using eSense and developing a posture improvement promoting system

Gradual and Uniform Transformation of Species by Micro Evaluation

Gesundheitsfördernde Arbeitsgestaltung im Homeoffice im Kontext der COVID-19-Pandemie

The pressure–strain work indices in response to isometric handgrip exercise

A biomechanical analysis of active vs static office chair designs.

Computer Vision Syndrome and its Associated Ergonomic Factors Among Bank Workers.

An individualized ergonomic wellness approach for the practicing gastroenterologist (with video).

Occupational and non-occupational risk factors for neck and lower back pain among computer workers: A cross-sectional study.

[Health-promoting work design for telework in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic].

The RESTless cloud

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Power Consumption Estimation by IIR digital filter for Computer Power Supply Efficiency Improvement

Research on Intelligent recognition system of Cotton apical Bud based on Deep Learning

Design and Development of Temperature Measurement and Control System Based on Mcu under the Background of Internet of Things

Computer ergonomics related health problems of Library staff: a case study at the University of Colombo

Changes in Musculoskeletal Discomfort and Postural Alignment According to the Height of the Worktable When VDT Activities were Performed by Patients in a Wheelchair with C6 and T6 Spinal Cord Injuries


Craniometry Patterns of Nigerians and its Correlation with Chronological age

On the readiness of students to distance learning now

ARmedViewer, an augmented-reality-based fast 3D reslicer for medical image data on mobile devices: A feasibility study

The Effect of Cycling While Typing on Patterns of Upper Body Muscle Activation.

Measurement of Circadian Effectiveness in Lighting for Office Applications

Inertial Data Based Learning Methods for Person Authentication

Computer workstation ergonomics: Current evidence for evaluation, corrections, and recommendations for remote evaluation.

The Effect of Kinesio Taping on Pain Pressure Threshold in Work Related Low Back Pain for Computer Professionals

Implementasi Web Service Pada Sistem Informasi Geografis (SIG) Peta Sebaran Data Covid-19 Berbasis Mobile Apps

‘‘Endless’’ Workload Analysis of Large-Scale Supercomputers

Occupational Health: Does Compliance with Physical Activity Recommendations Have a Preventive Effect on Musculoskeletal Symptoms in Computer Workers? A Cross-Sectional Study

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Інформаційні технології в інженерній графіці

Digital eye strain: prevalence and associated factors among information technology professionals, Egypt

Research on Teaching Mode and Skill Level of Railway Transportation Specialty in Higher Vocational Education Based on Computer Working Process

Factors associated with neck pain in fighter aircrew: a systematic review and meta-analysis

The Performance Issues and a New Architecture Design for the GISTDA Satellite Simulator

Assessment of computer workstations for compliance with ergonomic guidelines: A field study.

Awareness and prevalence on computer vision syndrome among medical students: A cross-sectional study

Do psychosocial factors mediate the appearance of musculoskeletal symptoms? Evidence of an empirical study about the role of mental workload in computer workers

25, 50 & 75 years ago

P122. 3D printing technique in the surgery planning of C1-2 dislocation combined with and basilar invagination and occipitalization

Ergonomics of Computer Workstation

SETCOMP - Sistema Especialista para Avaliação Ergonômica do Posto de Trabalho com uso do Computador

Effect of Computer Related Ergonomics Intervention on Knowledge and Practice of Primary School Children

An oculometrics-based biofeedback system to impede fatigue development during computer work: A proof-of-concept study

How Teaching Method (Alternative/Frontal) Affects Achievement in Mathematics for Boys and Girls in Grades Four to Six Who Are Learning in a Computer-Assisted Environment

Working across Generations to Boost Staff Nurse Retention

Is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Associated With Development of Transient Low Back Pain During Prolonged Standing? A Protocol

Discussion Panel HFES Technical Standards Update 2019 HFES Annual Meeting

Gendered lived experience of digital inclusion in rural Australia

Study for Cephalometrics of Facial Bone by Computerized Tomography Images.

Accuracy of Samsung Gear S Smartwatch for Activity Recognition: Validation Study

Acoustical design for libraries in schools to comply with ANSI S12.60

The Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Work-Station Evaluation in Bank Employees

Assessment study for occupational risk among computer operators in engineering higher education

Discomfort glare and psychological stress during computer work: subjective responses and associations between neck pain and trapezius muscle blood flow

Correction of myopia and myopic astigmatism by femtosecond laser in situ keratomileusis.

Doing business and constructing identities through small talk in workplace instant messaging

Management of digital eye strain

Sit-Stand Workstations: Relations Among Postural Sway, Task, Proprioception and Discomfort

Digital Asthenopia: Portuguese Group of Ergophthalmology Survey.

The Use of Virtual Depth on Stereoscopic Displays for the Information and Interaction Design of Desktop Applications

Single-plane neck movements and respiratory frequency monitoring: a smart system for computer workers

Learning how computer’s work with combining CS-Unplugged and Raspberry Pi

Standardized examination procedure of magnetically controlled capsule endoscopy

Musculoskeletal symptoms among radiologists in Saudi Arabia: a multi-center cross-sectional study

Eye symptoms and reading abilities of computer users subjected to visually impaired direct glare

Thermal response of hands to computer work: comparison of three assessment procedures

Cardiovascular strain and metabolic rate are higher following 15 minutes of standing versus seated computer work

An Oculometrics-based Biofeedback System to Impede Fatigue Development during Computer Work: a Proof-of-Concept Study

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Computer Work 컴퓨터 작업

Computer Work 컴퓨터 작업
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